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In the last few years we have been talking about mortgage recycling here, but now that the interest rates have started to rise, it is far less interesting and much harder to refinance a mortgage because the conditions they offer will probably be unattractive and the recycling will not be worthwhile (of course there are still cases where refinancing is worthwhile) Talks about the absolute majority).

You have to remember that apart from our mortgage, every month we pay a few tens of shekels (and sometimes hundreds) for life insurance and property insurance, and here there was no change, so there is a reason to check whether the insurance should be recycled.

So what is mortgage insurance recycling? Is it worthwhile? And how do you do it? All this in the next post.

What is a mortgage insurance cycle?

What is a mortgage insurance cycle?

The truth is that there is no such concept and I think I pretty much invented it in this post …
Basically it is a reexamination of our insurance to see if there is a situation to lower costs and pay less on the life insurance and property insurance we did for our mortgage (the truth is to do it for all of our insurance regardless of mortgage, but this is a separate post).

When we made a mortgage, we did with her life insurance and property insurance, the demand for insurance comes from the bank to insure cases of death, God forbid, or earthquake or damage to the property.

Some of us did a market survey and chose the cheapest option and some of us did the insurance at the bank or in the first place through which he received an offer.

Whether we have done insurance after a survey or done without a survey, you should now check costs again and see if there is a situation to lower your monthly refund.

life insurance

life insurance

This is where you will find it easier to lower costs, and here, too, insurance amounts are very high and there is much more “meat” to cut and pay less.

Why can I lower my life insurance costs?

Basically, it’s a little illogical that if we took out a mortgage three years ago when we were 35, we would get a cheaper offer today when we are 38 years old (it is known that the older we are, the higher the insurance premium).

So what’s the catch here?

I will tell you briefly how the world of insurance works.
Most insurance companies provide impressive discounts for the first years of the policy, sometimes a discount that reaches 70-60 percent of the insurance premium for the first years, and then the price returns to normal.

If I was supposed to pay a premium of NIS 100 a month and the insurance company gave me a 60% discount for the first 3 years, I would pay only NIS 40 per month in those years and after 3 years the price would return to NIS 100 More that “matured” since then).

The idea is that I can accept this assumption again only if I move to another insurance company (or at the same time I will stay in the same company that will agree to give me another discount).

Did you understand that?

If I am offered such large discounts only for the first few years of insurance, then it is certainly worth checking every few years to check the new costs and get the same discounts I can get in the first few years.

Another small thing about life insurance

Your insurance amounts should be updated according to the balance of your mortgage, but in recent years you have returned money to a mortgage and you have not updated any of the insurance. In this case, you are currently paying a higher premium because you are covered for a higher amount unnecessarily About 800 thousand and after a year they returned 100 thousand to the bank but you forgot to update the insurance – that means you are insured for 800 thousand when you should have insured only about 700 thousand).

When you do a new survey you can go over it and update the insurance amount as it should be. By the way, I have no problem that you will be insured for more than what you owe to the bank (and in case of death the remaining money will pass to your beneficiaries), but you should know that you are paying for it and that is all right with you.

Property insurance

Property insurance

Here there is not much meat to save on ownership, because the price of property insurance is fairly constant over the years (and usually is much lower than life insurance).

Here, too, there are discounts for the first years that must have ended over time, and here, too, it is worthwhile to do a new survey and see if there is a possibility to lower the price.

Here too there is no matter of age and the price of property insurance has remained the same over the years (except for the discounts that end, so surely if it was resting it is worthwhile to get rebate).

However, there are a number of things that can be improved in property insurance in such an examination – the amount of third party coverage (if present in the current insurance), pipe damage coverage, and the sum of the insurance itself.

What should you be careful about when you want to refinance mortgage insurance?

Where do you start and how do you evaluate the feasibility of saving?Where do you start and how do you evaluate the feasibility of saving?

At the same time, I also want to say what to watch out for and not to do ourselves harm:

  1. Health Declaration
    We must tell the whole truth (and only the truth) about our health.
    It is very tempting to say that we do not smoke because the price will drop by NIS 50 per month, but it is forbidden to do this because if and when the death event happens, we will simply not be covered and those who get hurt will be our spouses and children.
  2. Change in health
    If we have life insurance and declare at the time that everything is OK and we are healthy in all, and if our health has changed over the last few years, we should be more cautious with the new cycle and must update about the change we underwent. And that’s fine, but the innovation must contain the changes we’ve undergone and it’s a duty to report it and see the price after the change.)
  3. Future payment schedule
    I want each of you to keep an insurance payment schedule for the next few years (until the end of the mortgage) so that you can see how the premium develops (where you can see what happens to the price when the new discounts are over) – The payment schedule is very important The end of the mortgage period and when we can save.

Where do you start and how do you evaluate the feasibility of saving?


I suggest to each of you that you have life and property insurance to reexamine the price (whether in the existing company or in a new company), and most of you will be surprised to find that you can download dozens of shekels from the monthly price, which amounts to thousands of shekels in the end Do this survey).

If you would like to be examined for your benefit, I will tell you that I have found for you an old and reliable insurance agency in the field of mortgage insurance that will be happy to check for the possibility of lowering the mortgage insurance. All you have to do is leave the details on the following form. And without cost):


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Simulation Repurchase of Credit Best Rate Tue, 26 Mar 2019 08:36:02 +0000





To find the best Hans Brinker redemption rate, simply use the comparator at the top of the page to perform a simulation. This simulation is set up and adapted to find the best Hans Brinker rate buyout and check your eligibility for the best Hans Brinker buyback offers on the market.

The best Hans Brinker redemption rate is easy to get online!

Want to find the best Hans Brinker buyback rate ? Whether it’s an immo loan (real estate), auto, conso (consumption), revolving (renewable), owner or civil servant, there is only one solution:

Compare the Hans Brinker buy deals of the market and select the best one.

There are two ways to find the best rate for a Hans Brinker buyback, and you will see that the first is the simplest, the fastest and the cheapest:

  • Either you compare on the internet for free without having to move via a Hans Brinker repurchase simulator at the best rate and you only retain the proposals that interest you,
  • Either you approach the various loan agencies and brokers located near you to be able to compare them and thus try to find the best rate by yourself, which will be much longer and complex.

Having to resort to the purchase of Hans Brinker does not exclude wanting to commit to long repayments but with an interest rate calculated at the fair!

For this, go on the internet, on sites to make a simulation repurchase Hans Brinker best rate .

Hans Brinker buyback best rate: some reminders

Hans Brinker buyback best rate: some reminders

Interest is actually a kind of “rent” for the money you are lent, money plus an extra percentage to repay based on the total amount borrowed and the amount remaining to be repaid.

With a simulated repurchase of Hans Brinker rate better, you will be able to note two broad categories of rates practiced by all the banking and Hans Brinker organizations: we will not develop in this article the advantages or the disadvantages of each one, but it is good to specify that to effectively make a simulation redemption Hans Brinker better rate, it is good to know these basics:

There is the fixed rate and the variable rate . The fixed rate is, as the name suggests, fixed. The variable rate is in fact decided according to the fluctuations of a reference rate taken in the national or even international money market. To benefit from a better Hans Brinker rate buy , you will also find it useful to know the modes of expression of the two aforementioned rates:

The nominal rate is a gross rate on which interest is calculated only (no consideration of ancillary costs, insurance or guarantee costs). On the other side you have the famous TEG or overall effective rate . This is what is called a “real rate” because it includes all fees and other money movements inherent in a loan (deposit, management fees for anticipation of repayment, etc.). This is a mandatory legal notice that must appear on any Hans Brinker site, offering or not the best Hans Brinker redemption rate simulation .

If all is not clear, it does not matter because once the redemption simulation Hans Brinker best rate done, you will receive free help and proposals from a broker partner who will guide you in the choice of redemption to be made. He will tell you more about the offers with the mention TEG, acronym for Global Effective Rate.

To illustrate concretely our point, it should be pointed out that by proceeding to different simulations redemption Hans Brinker better rate, you will have anyway an average value of interest rate . It is complex to provide information on a better rate, because each organization, even if it is in a price range that is found among its competitors, can make paragraphs for this or that reason, and as a result, the very notion of best rate is diffuse. Especially knowing that the general good health of the financial markets also influences the taxation of these intriguing interest rates.

Some examples of the best Hans Brinker redemption rate

For personal loan buyback only, the average rate, so not really the best but the one that balances quality and refunds, is around 6%. It is of course possible to find interesting offers at a lower rate, but according to market prices, they are rare. On the other hand, for a real estate loan buyback, the most competitive rate is around 3%, as for a long-term mortgage.

Finally, if your best interest rate redemption simulation is targeting a combination of both consumer and real estate loans, you should find better rates at around 4%.


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5 Banks Offering Investment Gold: Bugs and Coins Sun, 17 Mar 2019 16:24:00 +0000


If you are interested in which banks sell gold, on this page you will find several banks offering investment gold in our country. A purchase of investment gold by a bank has many advantages and benefits. More exposition at

With gold making investments, some investors put money into investment gold coins or gold bars to ensure security and protection against economic collapse and inflation.

Investment gold is what is traded on international exchanges, it is 24 carats, almost 100% purely guaranteed by strict control and international rules, accompanied by a certificate. Investment gold is exempt from VAT, from other taxes, excise duties, taxes.

1. First Investment Bank

  • Offers buy-in of investment gold – bars and coins.
  • All the quality criteria of the London Metal Exchange and international ethical trade standards are met.
  • Each day the site is announced at a specified hour “bid price” for 1 troy ounce and for 1 gram of gold sample 999.9 / 1 000.
  • The price is subject to change depending on international market quotations and the state of the offered bullion and coin.
  • The Bank concludes investment gold deals only with legal entities over 18 years of age.
  • Fibank buys investment gold only at its office in Sofia, at 12 Narodno Sabranie Square.


2. Municipal Bank

  • A permanent player on the investment coin market – one of the most famous banks offering investment gold in Bulgaria.
  • It offers investors – citizens and companies, some of the most popular gold investment coins, bullion and other types of investment gold, whose authenticity is guaranteed with a certificate.
  • You can buy real-time investment gold in unlimited quantities by getting it physically at the moment of purchase.
  • The rich choice is guaranteed within the quotas for Bulgaria by the agreements of the government of our country from Global Coins and Metals OOD with leading world mints and issuance banks.
  • Investment gold is purchased at the Bank’s headquarters and financial centers.
  • Price list is made depending on the stock prices of precious metals, according to the articles.
  • The Bank offers a procedure for the delivery of investment gold on an individual request with an advance payment, the client completing the application according to a sample of the bank.

4. Piraeus Bank

  • It offers investment gold to investors so as not to be exposed to inflationary pressures.
  • The weight and cleanliness of products is controlled with precision and is standardized by all approved gold refineries and mints.
  • The bank offers four types of coins and precious metal products.
  • The investment gold is in the form of gold investment coins and bullion from the Swiss precious metals refineries PAMP Swisse and Argor Heraeus SA

5. Raiffeisenbank

  • In addition to offering easy and fast loans from banks , Raiffeisen is also known for its investment gold.
  • The Bank has made it clear that investment gold is in the form of bullion bars and tiles accepted by the gold markets and with purity equal to or greater than 995 thousand gold coins defined by order of the Governor of the BNB and the Minister of Finance and responsible for conditions – purity equal to or greater than 900 thousand, coin calculations after 1800, coins have been legal tender in their country of origin and sold at a price not exceeding the price of gold at market prices containing more than 80 per cent.
  • One of the best and most popular banks offering investment gold. Sells gold bars and articles from different issues. Each investment bar must have all the requisites – weight, sample, serial number and manufacturer – refinery or mint.
  • The bank offers a detailed catalog of precious metals articles.
  • On the bank’s website you can find the actual prices of the investment gold, for example: golden bars in grams – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1 000. Their price is quoted on a daily basis you need to contact the “Precious Metals” feature.
  • The price of the investment gold is in euro, the bar is with a sample of 999.9 / 1 000, the price is written – at buy and sell rate.
  • Gold investment coins are described in detail by type, name and price.
  • You can learn the bank’s precious metal stores so you do not waste time and visit the most convenient for you.

Several are the popular banks offering investment gold in Bulgaria. Gold is a brilliant and precious noble metal that has different uses – it has been used as a currency for exchange since antiquity, such as coins or in some other form. Because of its chemical and physical properties it is used in industry, medicine, dentistry, jewelery, electronics and other fields. Over time, gold retains its value, so gold is made up of capital investments.

Investment gold is in the form of pure gold bullion or gold coins. Investment gold is a stock and reserve with a long-term perspective, it can be exchanged around the world. Exempt from VAT, from other taxes, excise duties and taxes.


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Pitfalls of Repayment and How to End Repayment Wed, 06 Mar 2019 09:05:58 +0000



One of the payment methods used to make a credit card payment Read for a critique

Revoicing, which pays a fixed amount decided every month, is characterized in that the monthly payment amount does not change even if the amount of use increases .

You don’t wonder why the monthly payment is the same even though the amount you have to pay is increasing?

There is a hidden reason why the repayment is not complete.

If you continue to pay back without knowing why, you may fall into hell.

“I have been paying back for more than a year, but my balance has not decreased at all.”

“Ribo’s payment is high, but I can not stop it because I can not finish repayment.”

For those who are troubled like this, this time, we will introduce in an easy-to-understand manner, “What’s going on when you get stuck in ribo hell?” “What happens if you get into ribo hell?”

table of contents

  • The person who is worried that the rib payment is not finished checks the payment method of the credit card!
    • Balance slide method pays “principal (fixed amount) + fee” every month
      • Example of balance slide method “Ribbon payment of Rakuten card”
    • In the flat-rate method, the fee is included in the monthly payment
      • Example of fixed amount method “Repayment of epos card”
  • Introduce the reason why the payment on the revotion is not complete
    • The balance slide method does not reduce the balance because the minimum repayment amount is low
    • In the “flat-rate method,” the fees account for most of the payment and the balance does not decrease
    • The biggest reason why the repayment is not complete is to keep paying the repayment
  • Disadvantages when it becomes impossible to pay the repayment
  • 4 Ways to End Early for Those Who Do Not Have Refunds
    • 1. Advance repayment to reduce balance
    • 2. Return at a stretch using a loan with a lower interest rate than the repayment
    • 3. Decrease the balance at once with the bonus to end the repayment payment hell
    • 4. Ask a professional (professional) to finish paying back
      • Arbitrary arrangement that can end the repayment?
  • [Conclusion] Because it is used without planning that the rib payment is not finished

The person who is worried that the rib payment is not finished checks the payment method of the credit card!

Revoicing is a credit card payment method that pays a fixed amount each month.

For example, if you make a contract to pay 5,000 yen a month with a ribo payment, even if you use 100,000 yen with a credit card payment, the monthly payment remains 5,000 yen even if you use 200,000 yen.

  • You can buy what you want even with a small monthly income
  • Household expenses can be managed with fixed monthly spending
  • The annual fee is free if the card can only be paid back
  • Depending on the card company, you can get many points of use

If you are shopping for repayments, do not you feel and use these benefits?

However, there is also a major disadvantage of paying “recharges and not reducing the important balance of use” for repayments .

When you made a credit card, did you know about payment methods, payment methods, fees, etc. before joining?

Some of you may be campaigning at a shop where you shop and some of you may have created a Kreka without thinking deeply about “Because there were a lot of benefits when joining.”

First of all, let’s check the contents of your credit card contract.

There are two points to check: the annual fee rate and the payment method .

It is general that the real annual rate is 15.0% .
※ Yahoo! JAPAN card is 18.0%

There are two main payment methods: balance slide method and fixed amount method .

You need to know the payment method correctly, as each payment method has different reasons why the repayment is not complete.

Balance slide method pays “principal (fixed amount) + fee” every month

Balance slide method pays "principal (fixed amount) + fee" every month

First, let’s look at the balance slide method.

With balance slide method

Repayment amount = principal (monthly fixed amount) + reverse fee
A method in which the amount of payment (including commissions) monthly increases or decreases according to the predetermined rank of payment balance. The credit card company has determined the minimum repayment amount for the usage balance.

Diagram of balance slide method

As shown in the figure above, if you use the balance slide method to pay back, you will pay “Primary payment + Refund fee”.

The repayment amount of the principal is a fixed amount every month, and if the payment balance is 100,000 yen, 5,000 yen a month, and if 200,000 yen a month, 6,000 yen a month and the amount of payment differs depending on the rank.

You can see that the balance slide method sets the monthly principal repayment amount lower than the payment balance.

Furthermore, since the rebate fee varies depending on the balance of payment, the repayment amount of principal will be the same but the fee amount will be different every month.

In other words, the monthly payment amount is different.

It is important to note that as the balance of use increases, both the monthly payment amount and the fee increase, and the payment amount also increases.

Since the total amount of the repayment amount of the principal plus the payback fee is paid each month, it is easy to understand how much the principal has been paid back, and it can also be said that it is recommended to those who are good at income and expenditure management.

Example of balance slide method “Ribbon payment of Rakuten card”

Rakuten credit card payment is a typical credit card that uses a balance slide system.

The following table is the payment amount setting of Rakuten card.

Usage balance Minimum payment amount
Up to 200,000 yen 3,000 yen
200,000 yen … 4,000 yen
※ We add 1,000 yen at a time every increase of balance 50,000 yen

※ ※) Rakuten card

At first glance it looks attractive because the monthly minimum payment is cheap, but keep in mind that you have to pay a minimum payment plus a fee.

Here are a few card companies that use the same payment method as Rakuten Card.

  • d card
  • Yahoo! Card
  • Ion card

※ Monthly payment amount varies according to card company, amount of use

The person who pays the credit with these cards is the balance slide method.

If you want to finish the revival payment of Rakuten card early, please refer to the article of “Resolution of fear and revival payment of Rakuten card automatic ribo” .

In the flat-rate method, the fee is included in the monthly payment

In the flat-rate method, the fee is included in the monthly payment

Next, about the fixed amount revoicing.

With flat rate method

Repayment amount = monthly fixed amount (balance + revolving fee)
A method of paying a fixed amount every month regardless of the balance of payment. Even if the balance of payments increases, the monthly repayment amount will not change, but the payment period will be extended by that amount, and the fee will be charged for the extended period.

Figure of flat-rate slide method

As you can see from the figure, there is no change in the monthly repayment amount as the amount of use increases.

It may seem like the burden is lighter than the balance slide method, as it is only necessary to pay the same amount every month, but instead the ratio of the rebate fee to the repayment amount increases as the balance of the payment increases.

The fee is determined by the balance, so if the balance increases, the fee will naturally also increase.

However, since the monthly repayment amount is a fixed amount, the repayment amount of the principal will decrease as the fee increases.

Also, it is hard to understand how much it returned, the disadvantage of the flat-rate method.

Because I repay the same amount every month, I do not know how much I repay the principal unless I check the breakdown of the repayment amount each time.

Check out the statement of use on a regular basis if you are paying by credit on a flat-rate basis.

Example of fixed amount method “Repayment of epos card”

One example of a credit card with a fixed amount of credit and a large number of users is the Epos Card .

Especially when shopping at Marui, you can receive various benefits, so many people use mainly young women?

There is a standard course and a long-term course for the Revos payment of Epos Card.

Monthly payment amount setting is as follows.

【Standard course】

Usage balance Minimum payment amount
1 to 50,000 yen 3,000 yen
50,001 to 100,000 yen 5,000 yen
100,001-200,000 yen 10,000 yen
200,001-300,000 yen 15,000 yen

【Long-term course】

Usage balance Minimum payment amount
1 to 30,000 yen 1,000 yen
30,001-50,000 yen 2,000 yen
50,001 to 100,000 yen 4,000 yen
100,001-200,000 yen 6,000 yen
200,001-300,000 yen 10,000 yen
300,001-400,000 yen 12,000 yen

Besides, Jacks Sedina has adopted the fixed amount method.


Introduce the reason why the payment on the revotion is not complete

A woman who pays a rebate and a poor god

Did you know what kind of credit card your card has?

The person who is using it now and the person who is thinking to use it from now on should think like this at first.

“If you do not increase the amount of money you use now, if you repay the trick, it should end with a repayment.”

Certainly, repayment of repayment will end someday.

However, depending on the card company and payment system, it will take more than 4 years to repay 250,000 yen.

It is not a pity that I do not feel that rib payment is over.

Now let’s talk about the problems with the balance slide method and the fixed amount method, and the reasons why repayment is not complete.

The balance slide method does not reduce the balance because the minimum repayment amount is low

The balance slide method does not reduce the balance because the minimum repayment amount is low

As we introduced earlier, the features of the balance slide method are the following two points.

  • Monthly repayment pays principal (monthly fixed amount) + rebate fee
    Because the fee is charged on the balance, the amount of monthly payment is different. As the balance decreases, the payment amount also decreases.
  • The minimum repayment amount set is low

And the feature of “low minimum repayment amount” of the balance slide method is the cause of never ending the repayment.

Let’s look at Rakuten card as an example of what kind of problem is if the minimum repayment amount is low.

If you pay the balance of ¥ 250,000 with Rakuten card, the first payment will be calculated as follows.

Initial minimum payment amount 5,000 yen + Rebate fee 3,125 yen = Repayment amount 8,125 yen

If you continue to repay at the minimum repayment amount without additional usage, the number of repayments will be 50 times (4 years or more), and the fee alone will be 79,675 yen in total.

If you do not continue to pay for four years, the repayment will not end, so the repayment period will feel quite long.

※ ※) Rakuten card · shopping rib repayment simulation

The reason why the balance slide type ribo payment does not end

There is little repayment of principal to reduce the balance. As a result, the payment period becomes longer, and payment fees must continue to be paid.

In the “flat-rate method,” the fees account for most of the payment and the balance does not decrease

In the “flat-rate method,” the fees account for most of the payment and the balance does not decrease

The feature of the fixed amount slide method is that the monthly payment amount is constant and does not change.

The monthly repayment amount (fixed amount) includes both principal repayment and repayment fees.

Now let’s compare the previous Rakuten card example with what it looks like in the case of the Epos card.

If you repay the balance of 250,000 yen in the long-term course of Epos Card, the minimum repayment amount for each month is 10,000 yen, of which 3,125 yen is the rebate fee, and the remaining 6,875 yen is the repayment of principal.

If you continue to repay without additional shopping as it is, the repayment will end after 31 repayments (2 years and 7 months), and the rebate fee will be 51,613 yen.
※ Epos Card official page, because simulation can not be calculated independently

Most of the monthly repayments are set higher than the balance slide method because the monthly payment includes the rebate fee.

Of course, if the monthly repayment amount is high, the balance will decrease quickly.

So even for the same 250,000 yen, a flat-rate epos card will pay off faster than a balance slide-type Rakuten card’s revoicing.

However, in the case of the flat-rate method, most of the payment amount at the beginning is the fee, so the usage balance does not decrease easily.

The scary part of the flat-rate method is to pay back the same amount every month, so it is difficult to see the breakdown.

People who are thinking, “Why are we paying 10,000 yen each month and why isn’t the end of the repayment?” Are not aware that the rebate fee accounts for most of the repayment amount.

The reason why fixed-price repayment is not complete

Since the monthly repayment amount includes the rebate fee, at the beginning only the fee is paid and the balance is not reduced easily. The payment period will be longer because the balance will not decrease. Since the same amount is deducted every month, it is difficult to see how much the principal has been repaid, and it is often noticed that it has not decreased much after confirmation.

The biggest reason why the repayment is not complete is to keep paying the repayment


Did you understand the problems with using the balance slide method and the fixed amount method for revoicing?

Whichever payment you make, if you can pay the tip without increasing the payment, you can end the payment someday.

However, once the credit card’s credit card payment is made, it seems that some people rely on it for its convenience.

  • If there are other payments as well, the minimum payment amount for the repayment will be enough. It can not be overpaid and has been paying with ribo for a long time.
  • Daily cash will not be enough, and you will immediately pay KEKA.
  • Because there is a fixed amount of payment at the bank, it is impossible to pay even if there is a sudden expense.
  • It is impossible to make a lump sum payment with the credit card, and all payments will be divided into installments or repayments.

What about you? Perhaps there is a possibility of having such a problem in the near future?

As credit card usage increases, you will rely on the credit card for all payments as long as your wallet is full.

If you can not make a lump sum payment, some people will use installments.

If it is difficult to pay for installments + rebates , it is possible that all payments will be rebates .

As long as there is balance, repayment of repayment will continue, so repayment of repayment does not finish easily with this.

Furthermore, if you make a full payment limit, the monthly repayment amount and fees will increase, and even in the worst case, you may not be able to repay even the partial payment.

What happens if you can not pay back the repayment? !

Disadvantages when it becomes impossible to pay the repayment

The payment method of a credit card is not bank debit in most cases.

If you can not debit a bank, there are various penalties and disadvantages in the following flow.

  1. If you can not withdraw …
    At first we stop the use of credit card which was not able to repay

  2. If unpaid continues …
    The card company registers delinquency information with the credit information agency if it is 61 days or more delinquent

  3. Blacklisted!
    Overdue information is shared with other financial institutions and card companies (blacklisted) and all cards can not be used

Credit information is information on credit and loan applications and contracts, and mainly refers to personal information, credit application contents and contract contents, payment status and balance, etc.

Credit card information is mainly information registered by credit card companies that belong to CIC. Credit information is registered with CIC and shared with all card companies.

If you are blacklisted, it is extremely likely that you will be unchecked in various contracts that need to be reviewed, not just using the clerk if you do not clear the arrears .

Before that happens, let’s end the repayment as soon as possible.

Next, I will introduce a method to get out of the endless pay-back hell .

4 Ways to End Early for Those Who Do Not Have Refunds

Woman getting out of hell

As I have already introduced, a payback is a payment method that keeps paying fees for a long period of time.

Even if you know that you are obviously losing, do you give up as long as you can pay?

Do you want to keep paying to the card company forever?

Let’s get out of the ribo hell before the day when you can’t pay it and it’s blacklisted!

There are four ways to get out of the reverse hell. Each one is the recommended method.

Please carefully consider whether you will continue to pay the rebate fee for many years as it is now, or whether it will end the repayment.

1. Advance repayment to reduce balance

1. Advance repayment to reduce balance

Prepayment is a way to repay more than the monthly repayment.

In the case of ordinary payment, in addition to repayment of principal, fees are always paid.

However, since the early repayments are all used for principal repayment, the repayment will end earlier than usual .

There are three ways to advance repayment of repayments: “bank transfer,” “payment on remittance,” and “payment on ATM.”

If you want to repay separately from the monthly repayment, you must first contact the card company.

The method of contact varies depending on the card company, such as online application and telephone contact, so make sure to confirm the advance payment.

If you make early repayments when you can afford it, your balance will decrease quickly, and your balance on the balance will also decrease!

2. Return at a stretch using a loan with a lower interest rate than the repayment

2. Return at a stretch using a loan with a lower interest rate than the repayment

If you can afford your income, you can make early repayments, but if you don’t you can repay by borrowing money with a low interest rate loan.

Refund payment fees are generally high interest rates of 15.0% per annum.

I compared the fee for repayment and the interest rate for borrowings from other financial institutions.

  Interest rate market
Refund fee 15.0%
Consumer finance 18.0%
Bank card loan About 14.0 to 14.5%
Free loan Varies greatly with 2.0 to 15.0% depending on conditions

If you compare it, you can see that there is a loan with a lower interest rate than the repayment.

Instead of continuing to pay high interest rates, one way would be to use a low interest rate loan to end the payment at once .

However, every loan needs to be reviewed.

If there is already a large amount of usage of Kreka, or if there are other borrowings, consider that it is difficult to go through the examination.

In addition, debt is debt even if it is said that interest rate is lower than the rebate fee.

It is often heard that borrowing from consumer credit etc. would be a disadvantage for mortgage screening.

Let’s make a choice with an eye on future life design.

3. Decrease the balance at once with the bonus to end the repayment payment hell


Some people can pay a bonus and get out of the endless ribo hell.

What should I use this bonus for? If you think of it, first of all, think about ending the rib.

You do not have to devote all of the bonus to repayment of the ribo.

You can see the end of the never ending ribophone payment just by reducing the balance a little, and reducing the payment of the rebate fee!

4. Ask a professional (professional) to finish paying back


Some people may think, “I have no cash on hand and have relied on revoicing, but I can not make advance payment or bonus payments!”

It is also uneasy to borrow money from other financial institutions and return it.

Even if you already have a loan balance that does not pass the loan review, it will be difficult to end the repayment.

There is a specialist who solves such problems.

If you consult with a specialist, you will be able to discuss with the card company and get rid of the rebate fee you are paying each month!

For example, in the case of the Rakuten card’s credit card payment (balance 250,000 yen), for example, the credit card fee of 79,675 yen is cut, and the monthly repayment amount is all used for the principal, so the repayment ends early.

If you have one card company, you may not feel the big effect, but the effect of interest cut should be large for those who are using multiple cards to repay.

This method of negotiating with a card company to cut interest is called ” arbitrary arrangement .”

Arbitrary arrangement that can end the repayment?

Voluntary consolidation is one of the ways of debt consolidation that aims to negotiate debt reduction.

Arbitrarily arranging the revoicing has the advantage of being able to cut the payment interest and of stopping the payment when it is left to an expert.

However, if it is arranged arbitrarily, it will be recorded as accident information by the credit information agency, so it must be considered that there are disadvantages of using a credit card and not being able to make a new loan contract or split purchase for 5 years .

On the other hand, it has already been difficult to pay and the benefits have been lost.

If you can not make payment without organizing your order, you may get into the following situation.

  • I can not use Kureka all the time during arrears
  • You can not make a loan or split contract during arrears
  • Even if you are not overdue, access restrictions will be limited if payment is difficult
  • Even if it is not overdue, other creditors are restricted by examination

Whether it should be organized arbitrarily or continue to pay, compare the merits and demerits, and take a method that you think is more advantageous!

If you would like to see how much your ribo balance will be if you put it in order, you should try a diagnosis for reduction!

Make a reduction diagnosis anonymously

If you want to know more, please consult a specialist directly.

If it is a voluntary arrangement consultation, the counsel legal office free of charge for consultation is recommended.

[Conclusion] Because it is used without planning that the rib payment is not finished

Why doesn’t rib payment end? I understood that there are the following reasons.

  • The principal does not decrease easily
  • If the minimum payment amount is low, the payment period will be very long and the payment fee will be high.
  • It is difficult to understand how much it decreased to pay principal and repayment
  • Since the flat-rate method has a high payment setting, if the usage amount increases, the payment will be borne
  • I can not get enough cash with my usual payment, and I will settle all credit
  • It will not be possible to make a one-time payment for the credit card payment all at once, and all will be paid back

All payments must be made systematically, not limited to repayments.

In particular, the amount of money spent on the revoicing increases without a knowledge of the use balance, and the amount of money spent on the repayment goes into an endless hell.

Those who are already in a difficult-to-pay situation, or who have concerns in the future, will be able to finish revival payments either by “early repayment”, “refining to a low interest rate loan”, “bonus payment” or “consult with an expert” without hesitation Let’s talk.


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Credit Support: Where to Find Credit Score? Tue, 26 Feb 2019 17:44:28 +0000


When we need a loan and we decide to withdraw one, we need to be fully informed and well prepared for the entire process of crediting and returning money. Often, then, we turn to a bank or credit consultants for help or express credit assistance. An editorial over at

In the dynamic economic reality in which we live, we must know the peculiarities, principles, parameters and consequences of granting and repaying loans. To be effective and efficient, we need to be aware of every detail of our credit, so that we can achieve our goals, achieve our goals and achieve the desired result.

Where to find credit support?

Where to find credit support?

We better turn to banks or credit consultants for assistance. Credit assistance is complete guidance, help, support, support, it is related to explaining and comparing loan characteristics, highlighting the benefits to choose the optimal option for us.

Credit consultants and specialists have an important role, without their cooperation it is impossible to cope with the wide variety of loans.

In credit assistance, credit specialists will focus on what to focus on, what to focus on and what to overlook.

Credit assistance starts with the right choice of banks or fast loan companies . Financial companies must be legitimate, have up-to-date registration certificates in the Register of the BNB and under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

They must be stable and known, with contacts, with headquarters and offices.

Credit assistance is also expressed in the precise disclosure of the rules, policy and the manner of work typical of the relevant financial institutions that grant loans. Credit consultants should familiarize us with the terms of the application, highlight the advantages and disadvantages to make the right choices.

We need to be aware of what they are, whether we meet the requirements, whether we have age restrictions, do we need to prove income, should we look for guarantors, what are the bets and the collateral.

Clearly and unambiguously, credit counselors should assist us in obtaining the necessary documents, especially valuable is their cooperation.

For mortgage lending, we need to know the requirements of mortgaged property, who owns, have sketches, tax assessment, non-tax documents, taxes paid, etc. to get them in time.

How to apply, time to spend money and how to get it is important to everyone. Credit specialists can assist in expressly allocating and absorbing funds. It is also important to provide credit for choosing the type of interest.

Interest is fixed for the entire credit period or variable. An expression of analyticity and foresight is to get the right advice when choosing the type of interest: the fixed interest rate is constant and the same and we can generate a certain expense, while the variable interest rate is different depending on the change in the base interest rate changes over time.

This is especially important for loans that have a long payout period. Increasing credit is influenced by the amount of money and the repayment term.

The cost of the credit service includes fees, commissions, insurance. Credit assistance includes accurate and accurate information about their type, size, and magnitude.

Credit assistance properly advises us and guides us in choosing the type and amount of the repayment installment – equal or decreasing depending on our capabilities and financial standing.

Decreasing contributions are for borrowers with higher incomes, they first pay interest and thus reduce the cost of the loan, equal monthly payments are for people with less opportunities.

The credit support of credit specialists should make for us the borrowers to be completely clear and transparent, to make sure that there are no hidden conditions, trappings, vague and wrapped texts, ambiguous phrases, small font and then sign the loan agreement when we are fully secure and convinced.

Credit support in some banks and financial companies is carried out by highly qualified professionals, motivated, with a sense of responsibility and professional ethics. Individual contact, personal attitude, personal service is important to us. It gives us peace of mind and security, especially needed when withdrawing credits and recovering them.


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3 TOP Loans Without Proof of Income and Without Guarantor Wed, 20 Feb 2019 16:55:12 +0000

Applying for fast online credits without income or without guarantor is extremely popular at the moment. Their advantage, of course, is that when you withdraw them, you save time, meet urgent needs and get money even when your banks refuse.

However, always pay attention when withdrawing this type of money on a loan. However, they have the highest interest rates and are a risk to you as well as to the company that grants them. On this page we will look at 3 of the best credit proposals without proof of income in Bulgaria.

1. MICRO CREDIT – Credit Home up to BGN 3000

  • Home Credit is a fast credit without proof of income and no guarantor.
  • Convenient, affordable and discreet under favorable conditions by a right company.
  • Application conditions – granted to Bulgarian citizens who have reached the age of 18 only against an identity card.
  • No collateral is required, no guarantors are required.
  • Ways to apply – round the clock via an online order, by calling the national telephone or on-site – at the office of the company.
  • Simplified procedure, minimum documents and easy approval.
  • Fast loans up to BGN 3,000
  • Fixed interest.
  • How to get the money – cash.
  • Repayment through equal weekly or monthly installments – from 9 to 48 weeks or from 3 to 12 months.
  • The repayment is at your chosen option – by bank transfer, in the office of the company or at convenient time and in a suitable place when you meet with the credit consultant.
  • Professional and competent service by a personal credit specialist.

2. FREE ZEM – Online Credit Without Income up to BGN 700

  • Credit for Bulgarian citizens, without requiring a proven income.
  • Credit for all – for unemployed, on maternity leave, retired, self-employed.
  • No collateral required, no guarantors, no promissory note.
  • There are no application and money transfer fees.
  • No guarantor.
  • Simplified, simple application procedure – fill in an online application, process it immediately, and after approval, you receive the money on your bank account or at Easybank – the same day.
  • Loan amount up to BGN 700 and repayment term up to 45 days.

3. CREDILINE – Loan up to BGN 1000

  • Conditions for granting – to be an adult Bulgarian citizen without the need to prove income.
  • Easy, transparent loans and satisfied customers.
  • There are no fees for applying and absorbing the money.
  • Ways to apply – in an office or by phone .
  • Required documents for application – only ID card .
  • Size: credit up to BGN 1,000 , with repayment term between 1 and 12 months.
  • Receipt of money – immediately after signing the contract.
  • When applying for the first time, you need a guarantor if you are already a client of the company – you do not need a guarantor. Both the borrower and the guarantor do not require proof of income.
  • You yourself choose a period and amount of monthly repayment installments.

What Is No Income Loan?

What Is No Income Loan?

In lending fast loans, lending companies present different requirements, setting a number of conditions. One of the most important criteria for granting them is the existence of permanent income , which can be proved by employers’ notes for 12 months.

The availability of regular income is a kind of guarantee, a certainty that borrowers work on an indefinite employment contract and that the loan will be repaid on time and according to the rules described in the contract.

The credit risk with proven income is minimized, the interest of the creditor is protected. Many people who need urgent money for urgent needs to cover unexpected household bills or bargain purchases are unable to prove income.

We want to help you and make it as easy as possible for you to focus on the complexity of the credit market in our country.

We’ll focus on some important moments when applying for a quick loan:

  • Select an authorized and licensed company that has a valid Registration Certificate as a non-banking financial company registered in the Central Register of the Bulgarian National Bank . You need to investigate whether you have chosen a legitimate business to grant fast credit, the registration certificate must be at your disposal. In any case, you provide your personal data – a single citizen’s ID, a permanent home address visible from your ID card – which can be cheated and misused, so be sure that the company you are applying for knows how to store and use the data, complies with the confidentiality rules and is registered under the Personal Data Protection Act with a Certificate.
  • Fast online credits without proof of income and without guarantor are risky and usually the interest is high, which is a recognized disadvantage, in principle of fast loans.
  • When you withdraw credits without proof of income and without a commission, thoroughly and analytically examine and compare interest rates , fees, are there any commissions, what are the additional costs to be aware of the price of the service you provide. Interest is a fixed / fixed / variable. With a fixed one, you can more easily predict what your permanent credit-related costs are to meet. Variable interest creates some uncertainty because it is difficult to predict in what direction the economic circumstances will change and the base interest rate will increase or decrease.


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Credit Consultants and Mediators | Payday Loans Tue, 19 Feb 2019 17:22:43 +0000


Those who act as credit consultants (also called credit intermediaries) can be very helpful. Their job is to provide professional advice to people or companies in need of consumer or mortgage loans. Most of them offer free services to end-users. See for further editorial

Credit intermediaries do not act as creditors or notaries but bind directly or indirectly a consumer with a creditor. Credit consultants present or offer credit agreements to consumers, cooperate by undertaking preparatory actions to conclude loan agreements or pre-contractual arrangements, may enter into contracts on behalf of a creditor. They do this for a fee. We will introduce you to some registered credit consultants.

1. Sandu Ltd

  • Completely free of charge, expertly and impartially, at every stage of the lending process.
  • Grant to find the best credit for you.
  • Analyze your individual financial capabilities and provide you with the best deals with comprehensive data on interest rates, fees, insurance, and other important loan parameters.
  • He works with 13 leading banks in our country, specialized in financing individuals, makes the necessary communication with them, sends documents and works until the end of the credit process and the absorption of the money.
  • The team of specialists of the company specializes in bank lending, offers consulting and brokerage services for mortgage loans .


  • Credit consultants with completely free services, banks pay a commission for the credits absorbed, the remuneration of the credit consultant is not tied to the choice of a particular bank.
  • Company activity – in the field of consumer, corporate loans and mortgage loans, in refinancing existing loans if you want to buy a home or property to invest in it.
  • It works closely with customers to understand their needs and needs.
  • Access to hundreds of offers from established banks and negotiations for your individual offer.
  • Caring for credit details, meeting with customers is scheduled in time and place convenient for them.
  • Credit consultants are independent, they cancel you at any time from the credit process, they daily monitor changes in the area.
  • Here you get a critical analysis of each offer, get to know its strengths and weaknesses.

3. FinSite Ltd.

  • Unrelated company for free credit counseling, with history and experience.
  • Keep all communication with banks, protect your interests.
  • Compare bids and rely on the “small font” of bank bids.
  • Credit consultants are specialists in finding beneficial mortgage loans related to long-term investments, consumer loans to meet current needs, acquisitions, repairs, corporate loans to small and medium-sized enterprises and investment of free funds.


  • Licensed credit intermediary and independent financial consultant.
  • Impartial and professional in the field of consumer, mortgage and corporate loans, overdrafts, European funding, automotive lending, microfinance, loan refinancing and others.

Organize seminars, excursions, camps, holidays.

  • Prepare a minimum of 5 bids for comparison, calculate the debt-to-income ratio and the required income to withdraw a loan.
  • They get the necessary documents and help to fill them up.
  • Wide range of services with a focus on credit counseling.


  • Credit consultants with long experience, competence and individual approach to mortgage lending by banks and financial institutions.
  • Selection of a bargain offer of 350 products from different creditors.
  • Calculators who use in their business: credit, how much expensive property you can afford, interest and loan refinancing.
  • Guaranteed objectivity, focusing on important details of the credit process.
  • Negotiating concessions and preferences by financiers, avoiding risks and problems.


  • Consult with a socially responsible company for free to improve your financial expertise and target a reasonable credit.
  • Credit consultants performing services in the field of mortgage lending, consumer loans, refinancing of loans and consolidation of liabilities.
  • You will save time – you will not compare the parameters and characteristics of multiple credits, save money – the company negotiates preferential interest rates and discounts, you can use an accelerated credit procedure and easily overcome the administrative burden.
  • Explicit preparation of free pre-market assessments when financing a real estate purchase with a bank loan.
  • Legal assistance in concluding deals for the purchase and sale of real estate and establishing mortgages for financing by bank credit.
  • Interpretation of vague clauses in draft bank credit agreements.


  • Years of experience in consumer and mortgage lending. Flexible solutions and long-term partnerships with banks, real estate agencies and construction companies.
  • Basic principles on which the activity is based: open communication, responsibility, professionalism, discretion and respect for customers.
  • The team of the company consists of people who have worked long in the banking sphere.
  • Do the consultations in a convenient time for you, at your chosen location or in the office of the company. Against the criteria you set, they collect bids from banks. Together, you review and analyze them to get the most accurate and effective solution.
  • To maintain your peace of mind and working rhythm, the company forms and submits the necessary documents and takes over the correspondence with the bank until the transaction is completed.
  • You successfully realize your plans in the field of consumer, mortgage, corporate lending, merger of credit obligations, leasing of used cars up to 20 000 leva, reverse lease, insurance of all kinds and others.
  • You can always get up-to-date information about the banking market once you’ve downloaded the credit.


  • Free and independent service by credit counselors in the client’s interest, does not provide loans, but provides mediation activity.
  • Specialized in credit consultancy for all credit products of individuals and legal entities / small and medium enterprises.
  • Impartially compare the bank proposals to make the best choice, to have security and appropriate price parameters.
  • The company with its clients is not only to the absorption of the loan but also afterwards, if it has to make improvements, refinancing or granting additional amounts.
  • Competent and professional counseling, at a time and place you choose.
  • The company provides calculators to make accurate and accurate calculations.

What is a credit consultant and what business does it do?

What is a credit consultant and what business does it do?

A credit consultant is a natural or legal person who carries out a service, it provides information that aims to find the best credit for us borrowers. In our economic reality, there are a variety of credit products with specific features and conditions.

In order to properly orientate in this diversity, to choose the optimal, most advantageous credit under the most favorable parameters, a very important and important role played by the credit consultant. In order to decide on which credit we will stop, we need unbiased advice given by professionals with knowledge, qualifications and experience.

Financial terms, competitive offers made by banking and financial institutions need to become accessible and understandable to us, and this is only possible if we become a good credit consultant. Many people need credit nowadays, we are all specialists in our field, we have no knowledge of credit, grant requirements and the consequences of non-repayment, all of this may become clear to us if a credit consultant introduces us in this area .

All of these national reasons have forced the establishment and creation of a credit consultant profession to be up to us from application to repayment of the loan. The credit counselor must be economically prepared to know the laws in our country to offer a high-quality service backed by excellent knowledge.

He has to make an in-depth analysis of the various types of loans offered in Bulgaria and, depending on the loan we are looking for, to compare interest rates, repayment terms, fees, the cost of the whole loan, the time for approval, the way of granting, collateral, bets, preferences, and more.

The credit consultant should be able to make the relevant conclusions to refer us to the most convenient credit for us, to handle the documentation, to know how to fill in the requested documents, who issues them, and in what time. He must be aware of the credit granting procedure itself. It is especially important to prepare us for repayment, to have legal knowledge to know in advance what happens if we are late in paying the contributions if we do not observe the maturity date and if we fall into arrears.

The credit consultant needs to know which banks and financial companies are more flexible and mobile, and in financial difficulties (where everyone can fall), are willing to renegotiate the loan terms, restructure the repayment plan, refinance or merge obligations, reschedule installments, extend deadlines or withdraw extra money. A credit consultant, if he is good and responsible, can save us money, time and nerves.

Especially if we are going to be an event of great importance for us and the money we need to buy home, buy household equipment, furnish, treat, educate, travel and more. Sometimes, under one credit lies our life, our destiny, we trust the credit counselor, and to justify this trust, he has to offer us the most appropriate credit, he has to know the details for a long time, that loan repayment sometimes lasts for 20-30 years.

All credit consultants should have individual attitude towards each client, be objective, be experts in their field. In order for the credit consultant to be transparent, he must have declared which banks and financial companies he is working to make the client more secure and secure.

It is better to work for more banks and financial institutions, this guarantees better choice of loan. There are credit counselors who work for the client free of charge, they may be detached in companies, in most cases and independent. When they offer us credit, they inform us of its strengths, the advantages and the negatives.

The profession of credit consultant is significant and responsible. The BNB maintains a Public Register of registered credit intermediaries under Art. 51 of the Law on Credits of Real Estate for Consumers. It contains:

  • Credit broker data: Permanent address, seat and management address respectively.
  • Details of the persons who manage and represent the credit intermediary. Contact persons and contact phone.
  • Information about whether the credit intermediary offers the advice service.
  • Details of the creditors with which it is bound.


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For young people, how to choose your revolving credit? Mon, 11 Feb 2019 08:57:29 +0000 Usually, when we are young, we have many ideas for predicting our future. The best system so far compatible is revolving credit. In fact, we must consider a stock exchange made for our benefit, we are continually at our disposal. At times, we need a small sum, sometimes the opposite according to our need.

This arrangement, which we are going to follow, is not done with a single gesture, or a hearsay, we need a clause well designed and accepted to avoid any mishap. But the advantage of our subject is the mode of retribution.

In theory, when we place our money in an institution, we undoubtedly think of accumulating our source while following a growth course. The question, which we constantly ask ourselves when we are in our thirties, is a first step in obtaining the debt , but also the choice that will play a vital role for our future. We tell you everything here!

To obtain it

To obtain it

You will need a shirt or figure your CIN , your marital status, your residence in geographical location, whether you own or not. The hand-out where you find your work path. Your pay slip for the last three months, not to mention your monthly mandatory fees.

To facilitate your access, we advise you to open the link that we propose in, it is simple and easy to access and you will find yourselves conveniently .

Nothing more basic

For, a pinch of idea, you will only have to enter the value that you want to corrode , without omitting your possibility of appointments. And you will have the result in a few minutes. When you have thought it over, it’s up to you now to take the bull on the horn.

Not forgetting the downstream

Not forgetting the downstream

The renewable is not mandatory, but it eases our daily sentence. It should be noted that this channel of attribute can have a result of numerous year. For that length of time, your lifestyle could either improve or be better.

We must see in all the senses before venturing there

We must see in all the senses before venturing there

As basement, we know that we can use our tune at the moment we want, and as said above, there is the wording in slow motion : what offers you a monetary elasticity. A second choice, the standard series: a payment that will be stable around an evolution and steep. Prompt cheerfulness : with an early acquittal period to be out of debt.

The ambulation

It takes shape according to your stock market activity and once you are not asked for it, you can make a new one. In doing so, you can join the connection or call the relevant service if attached to your search .

The sum total that you request will be put on your bank deposit at two days counting the admission of your payment request according to the convention slips.

The step by step procedure

The interested, knowing the budget he wants to borrow, communicates to the firm he chooses, the latter examines the application and sees the consent or not the request . Thus the solicitation, accepted and closed the beneficiary could grate in small cut or in great reliability at its disposal.

At each new request, the amount going shrinks. It’s up to him to rebuild the new parts of the issue. In order to benefit from the same range, you will first have to have paid the loan in full in accordance with the agreed deadlines , and it is after that that you can start the next one with the consent of the agency. But, it must be recognized that your file will be followed closely during the whole outcome of the treaty.

To corrode the famous influence by means of a sheet of checkbook, or by requesting a transfer on his bank computation, by using a cardboard.

For a good choice

For a good choice

Know that the best gets, lets appear every month traces of transactions made respecting the grid of the client. Referring to the Hamon law, recognize that stock market contracts are renewable once a year from the anniversary date.

This is a budget

This is a budget

Starting from the reference of each interested party, and according to the chosen formula, the equivalence of each contract depends on each one. And when the clause is accepted by the firm, the interest will be provided, a particular computation provided for this port.

You can find these loan agencies

You can <a href=find these loan agencies” class=”img-fluid” />

In the residences bancroches and in the offices expert in the credibility to the termination. However, nothing can match the bank whether it is online or not, since companies are waiting for the consent of the banks to approve the request.

In reality, a company in the monetary field, offers an advance payment to its intended claimant for the special offer , and use it for its purposes, but returned according to the agreed conditions.

The altruistic system that is favored

Is to use the service comparator via web, for this you must know how to locate the APR . Which means, to discern what you see with a good eye. You will have to study disbursements in all angles, because all stock firms each have their own price. Some put the costs of the file, others do not and it makes a difference.

It is also necessary to see in which zone you are , since even if it is the same company of the same name each of its premises has their own peculiarities. Some are better than others, for example, do not let go unnoticed simple things like special youth rates.

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Annuity Contribution Loan: User and Fast Thu, 07 Feb 2019 17:15:46 +0000

Loans with an annuity (equal) contributions are very popular. At the same time as the credit is withdrawn, we must be ready for its prompt and correct redemption of the creditor. Repayment of debt obligations is a serious and important process that involves an in-depth analysis of our financial situation, a rigorous refinement and a comparison of income and expense.

On this page, we will introduce a few suggested to withdraw an annuity (both bank and fast online loans) and we will explain what annuity installments mean.

1. First Investment Bank – Consumer Loans

  • Loan with annuity monthly installments.
  • Currency: BGN or their equivalent in Euro, high amount of credit – up to BGN 50 000, repayment term up to 10 years.
  • Credit only against identity card , if you are a Bulgarian citizen and you work on a labor contract or a similar contract or you are exercising a liberal profession.
  • Without guarantors, a loan without collateral.
  • Purpose: for purchases of furniture and household appliances, for home or car repair, for training, treatment, holidays and excursions, current duties or simply because you need money for your needs.
  • Interest terms: fixed interest for the first year and variable for the remaining term of the loan, lower interest rates for translation of declared income in the bank, preferences for online application.
  • There is no fee for applying online, there is a fee for examining documents when applying to a bank office, no fee for early repayment.
  • Fast pre-approval within 24 hours.
  • Credit money is used once.
  • There is an opportunity to make a “calm” insurance to protect the loan.

2. Expressbank – Fixed credit

  • Fixed repayment installment for the entire loan period at the amount of BGN 99.
  • Fixed amount of the loan – BGN 4 900, fixed repayment term – 5 years.
  • Apply online.
  • Fast approval and relaxation.
  • The interest is fixed for the whole period.
  • There is no approval fee for all borrowers.
  • No guarantor required.

3. United Bulgarian Bank – Consumer loan with fixed interest rate

  • An annuity installment loan – is repaid with a fixed, flat / annuity / monthly installment, which gives you security and the opportunity to properly plan your expenses.
  • Amount of 500 to 20000 leva, loan term from 6 to 60 months.
  • Simplified procedure for applying with minimum documents: application – declaration for granting a consumer credit and an ID card.
  • Loans without guarantor and without transfer of salary – are not required.
  • Affordable financial terms at a fixed interest rate.
  • There is no application fee, there is a credit assessment fee (depends on the value of the withdrawn money), an account fee servicing the loan and a pre-term repayment fee.
  • Opportunity to repay the credit via UBB ATM.
  • You can activate a life insurance program: “Credit protection”.

4. Sibban – Consumer Loan “For You”

  • The loan is repaid by equal amounts, monthly annuity repayments of a certain number of the month, the number corresponding to the number of months. Everything is described in an individual repayment plan, which is an integral part of the credit agreement.
  • An annuity loan of BGN 1 000 to 35 000, a repayment period of 1 to 10 years.
  • Key documents: a copy of an identity document, a request for a loan, and an employer’s consent to transfer the salary to a bank account.
  • Attractive variable interest, consisting of a reference interest rate and a surcharge, is affected by the repayment term.
  • Credit collateral – pledge on future receivables originating from a labor / equivalent / or service relationship.
  • The money is utilized once, fully and immediately by crediting the amount on the current account with a issued bank card, after the guarantee has been established.
  • There is no fee for early repayment, there are charges according to the Bank’s Tariff.
  • Bonus: Free issuance of a revolving credit card with a grace period.

5. Micro credit – CrediHome

  • Loan with equal weekly or monthly repayment installments – from 9 to 48 weeks or from 3 to 12 months.
  • Credit for all – from 200 to 3300 leva.
  • Easy approval and clear conditions.
  • Applying – online at any time of the day, by calling a national telephone or a local office.
  • Loan only against ID card.
  • No collateral from bailiffs and bets is required.
  • Fixed interest for the whole period.
  • Credit without proof of income .
  • You get cash in cash.
  • The service is from a personal credit consultant.
  • Repayment of the loan – by bank transfer, cashier, in an office or in a time and place convenient for the borrowers of your credit consultant.

6. Feratoum – Contribution Loan

  • Repayment of equal monthly installments, as you yourself choose the number of months to repay – from 2 to 12.
  • For all unforeseen expenses and necessity of money, amount from 400 to 3500 leva.
  • Working hours – 7 days a week, credit on Saturdays and Sundays and on weekends and public holidays.
  • There is a credit calculator to calculate accurately the entire amount due, the amount of the installment and the value of the interest.
  • Apply online or in a partner office.
  • You get up to 5 minutes with CMC.
  • Conditions for granting – Bulgarian citizens aged 18 to 70 with permanent address registration, income and pure credit history.
  • It is necessary to provide a guarantor for the performance of the contract for this loan with annuity installments – a natural person or a bank, a partner of the company.
  • You can pay the loan in parts, you can get a document about the actual credit status.

What is an annuity loan?

What is an annuity loan?

Repayment of credit money is made through repayment installments, which contain a certain amount of interest and principal.

In order for the repayments to be convenient and beneficial, it is very important that we properly choose and agree on their type, size and exact date of importation.

So we have to arrange the repayment of the loans so that it does not hinder us and is secured with our income obtained from different sources.

It is necessary to cover our urgent expenses, the utility bills, to have money for food, clothing, medicines, education, recreation and other current needs and to have the means to pay the full amount of the repayment installment.

An integral part of the loan agreement is the individual repayment plan specifying the amount of the repayment installment and the maturity date.

It is prepared by the creditor with our active participation. Banks and financial companies offer online credit calculators with the help of which we can make calculation variants and we can pre-calculate the entire amount due and the amount of the repayment installment.

What is an annuity loan? In practice, we know two types of repayment installments – equal (annuity) and declining. For equal contributions, it is characteristic that they remain the same, fixed for the entire duration of the loan.

In equal installments the interest rate is constantly decreasing and the principal is increased by the same amount.

Most borrowers prefer equal repayments, one of the reasons being that they are a constant same expense that is known does not change over the time provided for repayment of loans.

In principle, equal repayments make more expensive loans from declining, but they are for people with less high income.

The way we pay for withdrawn credits also forms our credit history, which is available to all legitimate creditors enrolled in the Central Register of the BNB, and defines us as payers, whether we are loyal and reliable.


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Debt interest (All Information for 2019) Sun, 27 Jan 2019 18:06:10 +0000

The question of the deductibility of interest on debt has not yet been clearly clarified. Rather, debt interest rates are divided into several areas and determined by this classification, the operating expenses deduction. In a two-stage test, it must first be determined whether and to what extent debt interest rates are part of the operating expenses. In a further step, it must be checked whether the deduction of operating expenses must be limited by so-called ” overdrawals “. Several decrees have already been published on the question of the debtor interest.

Debt interest is assigned to either the acquisition or the private sphere based on the actual purpose of the loan. Thus, interest rates resulting from private accounts are not deductible as operating expenses. Loans for the purpose of financing non-operational purposes, in particular to finance withdrawals, are not required for operational purposes. On the other hand, due to the financing of operating assets such as tools, machinery or vehicles, loan interest is fully deductible as an operating expense and therefore reduces the company’s profit. The tax authorities have no objections to the management of a so-called “two-accounts model”, so that the interest on debt from this model is completely deductible.

Example for two-account model:

Entrepreneur A maintains an account from which only his business expenses are paid. All operating income is paid into a second account. A withdrawal of money would thus be made from the “operating income account”. Through this model, the accrued interest on the operating income account is fully deductible. However, this model should not only be reviewed from a tax point of view, but also reviewed from a financial and banking perspective.

Examination of overdraft

The deduction of operating debt interest rates is limited if overdrafts occur. This is basically the case if the withdrawals are higher than the sum of profits and deposits of the marketing year.
Source: BMF letter of 22 May 2000 (BStBl I 2000, p. 588)

Example of overdrawings: 

The entrepreneur maintains a single corporate giro account that records revenue and expenses. In the financial year 01 the entrepreneur withdrew 70,000 EUR, the profit of the year 01 was found with 50,000 EUR in the profit and loss account (P & L). Deposits were made in the amount of EUR 2,500. The reported interest on debt amounts to EUR 16,000, according to the income statement of the year 01. Of these, the loan interest for the financing of fixed assets in the amount of EUR 13,500 is operational.

Calculation of overdraft

Calculation of remaining interest on debt

Calculation of remaining interest on debt

Typically, excess withdrawals are recorded at 6% of the determined excess withdrawal amount. The resulting amount of EUR 1,050.00 (EUR 17,500.00 x 6%), but not more than EUR 450.00 (EUR 2,500 less EUR 2,050.00) less the base amount of EUR 2,050 ) is recorded increasing the profits.


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