11 things a man-child does in a relationship

What woman hasn’t dated the perfect guy … until he’s anything but. It might be great spending time with him, but when he doesn’t make you laugh, he probably makes you want to pull your hair out. If this sounds familiar to you, maybe your man is more of a man-child than anything else. There is a lot of things a man-child does in a relationship that are capable of driving you mad, and any one of them can be enough to send you running in the hills.

A man-child is a man who simply refuses to grow up. No matter how old he is on his license, he can act like he’s still in high school (or worse, elementary school). He is probably very immature and he may be looking more for a maid or mother than an equal partner in a relationship. You will find yourself managing his life for him, planning all your dates, perhaps all the while wondering how important you are to him. It’s a trap that is easy to fall into, but harder to get out of.

If you recognize any of these 11 behaviors, let’s hope you think of an ex you ditched a long time ago, and not your current man.


He expects you to wait for him

Does your man expect you to clean up after him, cook for him, do his laundry, and generally take care of all kinds of chores that he is perfectly capable of doing on his own? If so, it is a telltale sign of a man-child according to the Guardian.


He does nothing without being harassed

If you are secretly hoping that one day your man finds the motivation to tackle his own to-do list, don’t hold your breath. CafeMom rated a man-child won’t do much without being constantly harassed.


It flakes on everything

A man-child can talk a good game, but his follow-up will most likely be low, according to Bustle. He will fail on his plans, break his promises, and let you down time and time again.


He avoids engagement

A man-child will not want to take on responsibilities that might force him to grow up. This is why it will be reluctant to engage, according to Psychology today.


He won’t have a serious conversation


He is glued to video games


He’s impulsive, in a bad way

A man-child is not going to think too much about the consequences of his action. A woman told the Daily Mail how she man-child husband impulsively quit his job without warning and without foresight. Your partner might not go to this extreme, but if he wastes money and acts recklessly, he certainly has a lot to do as he grows up.


He overdo it with alcohol

Most of us leave our days of too much drinking behind after we leave college. But one man-child drinks too much far too often, according to Elite Daily. Worse yet, he’ll probably expect you to cure his hangover.


He Trash talks about his exes

A man-child will not be able to take the high road. That’s why you’re likely to hear them garbage talks to their exes, according to The Frisky. While it might give you a little ego boost to hear how every woman who has come before you was a total loser, you could one day be the butt of her nasty teasing.

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