3 TOP Loans Without Proof of Income and Without Guarantor

Applying for fast online credits without income or without guarantor is extremely popular at the moment. Their advantage, of course, is that when you withdraw them, you save time, meet urgent needs and get money even when your banks refuse.

However, always pay attention when withdrawing this type of money on a loan. However, they have the highest interest rates and are a risk to you as well as to the company that grants them. On this page we will look at 3 of the best credit proposals without proof of income in Bulgaria.

1. MICRO CREDIT – Credit Home up to BGN 3000

  • Home Credit is a fast credit without proof of income and no guarantor.
  • Convenient, affordable and discreet under favorable conditions by a right company.
  • Application conditions – granted to Bulgarian citizens who have reached the age of 18 only against an identity card.
  • No collateral is required, no guarantors are required.
  • Ways to apply – round the clock via an online order, by calling the national telephone or on-site – at the office of the company.
  • Simplified procedure, minimum documents and easy approval.
  • Fast loans up to BGN 3,000
  • Fixed interest.
  • How to get the money – cash.
  • Repayment through equal weekly or monthly installments – from 9 to 48 weeks or from 3 to 12 months.
  • The repayment is at your chosen option – by bank transfer, in the office of the company or at convenient time and in a suitable place when you meet with the credit consultant.
  • Professional and competent service by a personal credit specialist.

2. FREE ZEM – Online Credit Without Income up to BGN 700

  • Credit for Bulgarian citizens, without requiring a proven income.
  • Credit for all – for unemployed, on maternity leave, retired, self-employed.
  • No collateral required, no guarantors, no promissory note.
  • There are no application and money transfer fees.
  • No guarantor.
  • Simplified, simple application procedure – fill in an online application, process it immediately, and after approval, you receive the money on your bank account or at Easybank – the same day.
  • Loan amount up to BGN 700 and repayment term up to 45 days.

3. CREDILINE – Loan up to BGN 1000

  • Conditions for granting – to be an adult Bulgarian citizen without the need to prove income.
  • Easy, transparent loans and satisfied customers.
  • There are no fees for applying and absorbing the money.
  • Ways to apply – in an office or by phone .
  • Required documents for application – only ID card .
  • Size: credit up to BGN 1,000 , with repayment term between 1 and 12 months.
  • Receipt of money – immediately after signing the contract.
  • When applying for the first time, you need a guarantor if you are already a client of the company – you do not need a guarantor. Both the borrower and the guarantor do not require proof of income.
  • You yourself choose a period and amount of monthly repayment installments.

What Is No Income Loan?

What Is No Income Loan?

In lending fast loans, lending companies present different requirements, setting a number of conditions. One of the most important criteria for granting them is the existence of permanent income , which can be proved by employers’ notes for 12 months.

The availability of regular income is a kind of guarantee, a certainty that borrowers work on an indefinite employment contract and that the loan will be repaid on time and according to the rules described in the contract.

The credit risk with proven income is minimized, the interest of the creditor is protected. Many people who need urgent money for urgent needs to cover unexpected household bills or bargain purchases are unable to prove income.

We want to help you and make it as easy as possible for you to focus on the complexity of the credit market in our country.

We’ll focus on some important moments when applying for a quick loan:

  • Select an authorized and licensed company that has a valid Registration Certificate as a non-banking financial company registered in the Central Register of the Bulgarian National Bank . You need to investigate whether you have chosen a legitimate business to grant fast credit, the registration certificate must be at your disposal. In any case, you provide your personal data – a single citizen’s ID, a permanent home address visible from your ID card – which can be cheated and misused, so be sure that the company you are applying for knows how to store and use the data, complies with the confidentiality rules and is registered under the Personal Data Protection Act with a Certificate.
  • Fast online credits without proof of income and without guarantor are risky and usually the interest is high, which is a recognized disadvantage, in principle of fast loans.
  • When you withdraw credits without proof of income and without a commission, thoroughly and analytically examine and compare interest rates , fees, are there any commissions, what are the additional costs to be aware of the price of the service you provide. Interest is a fixed / fixed / variable. With a fixed one, you can more easily predict what your permanent credit-related costs are to meet. Variable interest creates some uncertainty because it is difficult to predict in what direction the economic circumstances will change and the base interest rate will increase or decrease.


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