9 first crossover events that changed the DC Universe (in chronological order)

It’s easy to complain comic crosses these days, but the reason fans can’t walk away from them is that at one point they were incredibly popular. While the quality might not be the best, they’re still a place for everyone to see their favorite character, and they require fans to check them out to see how that character will develop after the event.

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DC in particular has a reputation for its events causing massive changes not only to the characters, but to the very structure of reality. Everything from the way their multiverse was presented to the makeup of their greatest Justice League team was the result of a comic book crossover.

9 Flash of two worlds – 1961

flash of two worlds

Flash of two worlds has a fairly simple start: Flash wanting to put on a children’s show finds itself with it vibrating at a frequency that leads it to move from Central City to Keystone City. Barry ends his meeting Jay garrick, and the two discover the different Earths.

Thankfully, Barry appears in time to help Jay deal with the Fiddler, Shadow, and Thinker, but the big story here was the creation of the concept of Different Earths that would go on for decades.

8 Crisis on Earth One and Crisis on Earth-Two – 1963

Justice League crisis on Earth-One

After Jay and Barry came into contact with each other, there was no way DC could avoid pairing them up again. In Justice League of America, a new crossover would appear: The Crisis on Earth One and Crisis on Earth-Two. There, both Justice League and the Justice Society take on the Crime Champions, villains of their two worlds using their knowledge of the two Earths against them.

After the Justice League and Justice Society achieve a victory, the two teams will become close friends in the future.

7 Green Lantern # 40: Secret Origin of the Guardians – 1965

Green Lantern # 40

Another cross between the two main Earths, this gave readers an exclusive cross between Hal Jordan and Alain scott. After a case where Alan finds himself able to use his ring on wood after approaching a mysterious meteor, Alan ends up traveling to Earth-1 to try to help Hal, hoping that this might rid Hal of its weakness to yellow.

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Together, the two uncover the origins of the multiverse and discover Krona, the Keeper who attempted to witness the beginning of creation and divided the universe into a multiverse.

6 Crisis on Infinite Earths – 1985

Crisis on endless earths is the first crossover people start to think of when they think of DC and major changes. It was one of the first maxi-series, and certainly, the first crossover that received its own book. It told the story of the Anti-Monitor, a powerful being destined to consume the entire multiverse.

All of the heroes in the multiverse worked together to defeat the Anti-Monitor, but in the end, it combined the multiverse into a singular universe.

5 Legends – 1986

Just after Crisis on Infinite Earths came Captions, the first scenario of a post-crisis universe. Darkseid attempts to destroy the world’s faith in superheroes, using Glorious Godfrey to aid him in this task.

This storyline had a ton of implications for the superheroes to come – it brought the Suicide Squad into battle against the Justice League and introduced Captain Marvel to the DC Universe. Finally, it started the Giffen / DeMatteis era of the Justice League, where the comedy began.

4 Justice League: breakdowns – 1991-1992

After a few years of treating Justice League like a sitcom, in 1991 they finally made the Justice League get serious again with the massive story of “Breakdowns”. The Justice League America and Justice League Europe the books underwent a number of major behind-the-scenes changes, but it was also part of a larger Justice League expansion as they became even more “global.”

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Suddenly DC was releasing the Justice League Working Group, Extreme justice, and Justice League Quarterly in addition to Justice League Europe and Justice League America, reintroducing a ton of heroes to the Justice League for the first time in the post-Crisis era.

3 Death of Superman – 1992

A massive crossover event released in 1992, this storyline involved all four of Superman comics at the time, as well as the Justice League of America. He saw Superman fight against Doomsday, a monster capable of defeating the entire Justice League effortlessly.

In the most explosive battle of all time, Superman took out Doomsday … at the cost of his own life. For a while afterwards, Superman stayed off the stage, with other superheroes taking his place during the The reign of the supermen, featuring heroes and villains who remain relevant to the character even now.

2 Batman: Knightfall – 1993

Azrael Batman DC Comics Knightfall

Intending to comment on the toughest and toughest heroes of the early ’90s, DC gave readers Knight’s Fall. The legendary story where an exhausted Batman is attacked by a Bane who has discovered his identity, breaking his back and letting him go to conquer Gotham.

Bruce ends up choosing his replacement, a young man named Jean-Paul Valley. Jean Paul is suitable in terms of combat, but is way too tough, forcing Bruce to come back and take Jean-Paul down to get his coat back once and for all.

1 Zero Hour: Crisis in Time – 1994

The emergence of two different beings with cosmic powers – Extant and Parallax – pushes the DC heroes to their absolute limits. It ended up being a small sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths, as they attempt to recreate the multiverse.

Although Extant and Parallax are defeated, Hour H resets the timeline, putting everyone on a new timeline that has condensed all the relevant events of the DC Universe to just ten years old. It also completely rebooted the Legion of Superheroes and saw all of the different Hawkmens coalesce into one singular being for a while.

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