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A new rule from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is designed to help service agents process delinquent loans quickly. Above: To help manage foreclosed homes, homes like this one at 924 NW 11th Street pictured in 2010 were purchased by the Town of Homestead to be refurbished and sold as affordable housing.

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If your shutdown was postponed recently, cybercriminals may be to blame.

In mid-July, Cloudstar, a cloud hosting and data security provider for securities and settlement companies, was one of several companies to fall victim to a sophisticated ransomware attack that made its inaccessible systems.

The company retained the services of Tetra Defense, a third-party forensic specialist, to assist in the recovery efforts; negotiations with the hackers are said to be ongoing.

A company statement released a week after the attack said Cloudstar was working “around the clock to assess the recoverability of customer data.” In early August, Cloudstar said it was continuing its recovery efforts and expected the majority of its customers’ data to be recovered.

At the same time, the company warned that the process is “very complex… Due to the huge impact this event has had on our systems, we are unable to provide a definitive ETA. We expect this comprehensive process to take several weeks. “

Cloudstar operates six data centers in the United States, serving more than 42,000 users.

How does a grow house affect the value of your property?

An illegal grow house in your neighborhood could make your home less valuable. But when recreational and medical marijuana is legal, new research suggests home values ​​are likely to rise.

For every $ 1 million increase in tax revenue paid by legitimate producers and sellers, home values ​​will increase by an average of $ 470, according to a study by Clever Real Estate.

Once sales begin in the five states that have most recently legalized recreational weeds – Montana, New Mexico, New York, Virginia and Vermont – home values ​​are expected to increase by an average of $ 61,343, according to the research. .

The study found that between 2017 and 2021, property values ​​increased by $ 17,113 more in states where recreational marijuana is legal, compared to those where it is illegal or restricted for use. medical. With every new dispensary added, whether medical or recreational, property values ​​increase by $ 519, he said.

As of July, 36 states and the District of Columbia had legalized marijuana for recreational, medicinal, or both. The industry is expected to be worth $ 30 billion by 2025. According to Pew Research, 91% of American adults believe that marijuana should be legal in some form or another.

Hidden cameras during open days

If you felt like someone was looking over your shoulder when you recently visited an open house, you might be right

About 3 in 10 sellers use hidden cameras to spy on visitors – and not just to protect their property, according to a new survey from LendingTree. Reason # 1 given: Better understand what potential buyers like and dislike about their home so they can make adjustments.

Sellers also use espionage to gather information they could use in negotiations and to find out what their agents are really saying about their homes. And unbeknownst to their own agents, some are watching to make sure they’re doing their job.

The use of such devices may or may not be legal, depending on local laws. But it can also be counterproductive. Almost half of the buyers surveyed said they would withdraw from the deal if they found out the seller had secretly registered them.

Ask your employer for compensation for remote work

If you work from home, whether by choice or not, you may want to view your workspace as your employer’s satellite office and seek compensation. At least, that’s the thought of a real estate executive.

As long as the space in your home is used only for work, and it is used for the majority of your work, you can claim a home office on your federal income tax return. But Tamir Poleg, co-founder and CEO of The Real Brokerage, says your employer should pay you for using space that might otherwise be used for other purposes.

Working from home has tax implications, as well as labor and employment law implications. For example, a change in an employee’s location from one state to another may result in new wage and hourly rules and / or potential double taxation for employees living in one state and working in another.

“It is only fair that employers take responsibility for all of the above and find a way to compensate, or at least share the expenses with employees for using their residence as the company’s satellite office,” Mr. ‘Poleg said.

Badly Delayed Mortgages Rule Change

A new rule from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is designed to help service providers – the companies that handle your mortgage payments – deal with delinquent loans quickly. This way they can focus on borrowers who still have a chance to save their home.

The idea is to stem what some expect to be a flood of foreclosures. But not everyone agrees, at least not entirely. Moody’s Investor Services estimates that if delinquent or foreclosed borrowers put their homes up for sale evenly over the next several months, instead of throwing them on the market all at once, the result would add only a paltry half. -months of supply to the market hungry for stocks.

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