Amazon App Quiz December 27, 2021: Get Answers To These Five Questions To Earn Rs 15,000 On Amazon Pay Balance

Earn Rs 15,000 On Your Amazon Pay Balance Today! You just have to answer 5 questions and a little luck. Amazon is back with its daily dose of app quizzes. Amazon is offering this prize to a lucky participant who will receive the prizes on their Amazon Pay balance.
An entrant must correctly answer all questions to be eligible to win this lucrative prize. the Quiz on the Amazon app has questions that are based on general knowledge and current affairs.
This Amazon quiz is strictly an app-only quiz. You need to log into the app to play the quiz. You can only enter the competition through your Amazon’s mobile app.
The quiz starts every day at 12 noon and continues until midnight (12 noon the next day). There is usually a quiz winner who is chosen by lot. Today’s quiz winners will be announced later on December 28.
Here are today’s Amazon app daily quiz questions along with their correct answers, which can help you earn Rs 15,000 on Amazon Pay balance.
  1. Who recently launched their new business – a video resume platform called ShowReel?
    Bhatia Saber
  2. Who recently criticized many billionaires for saying that the brightest minds should be working to save Earth, not space travel?
    Prince william
  3. The Maratha Mandir movie theater recently resumed screenings of which film it set a Guinness World Record with?
    Dilwale Dulhaniya The Jayenge
  4. This character appears in a 2007 film, with which group of superheroes?
    The Fantastic Four
  5. Who recently won the ATP final for the second time in their sporting career?
    Alexander Zverev

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