Amazon Details Custom Alexa Programs for Hospitals and Retirement Communities

Amazon announced two new programs for around nursing homes and retirement homes. Through , hospitals and retirement homes can run their own personalized version of the voice assistant.

Retirement homes can use Alexa to help residents stay in touch with family and friends, stay in touch with staff, participate in activities, and stay engaged with other community members. Staff members can use Alexa to broadcast announcements, and of course the voice assistant can still be used to control connected devices and smart TVs.

Amazon’s goal with the healthcare program is, among other things, to allow staff members to check in with patients without having to enter their rooms. In turn, patients can ask the nurses questions and they can answer short questions without having to leave their post. Additionally, they can ask Alexa to play music or a podcast. Similar to the Seniors Living Program, caregivers could use Alexa for announcements. This program is based on a at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

A version of Alexa for healthcare providers is something Amazon has had in the works for some time. A the company was developing hardware and software for healthcare projects, and these rumors . In 2019, Amazon launched the , which enables providers to help people manage prescriptions and provide blood sugar readings and counseling to people with diabetes. This also has over the past two years.

Amazon isn’t the only big tech company with an interest in healthcare. Microsoft in an AI for Health program and it earlier this year to buy voice technology company Nuance for $ 19.7 billion to boost its AI, cloud and healthcare ambitions.

Google, meanwhile, has worked closely with some healthcare providers. This to open an office in Rochester, Minnesota this year. The Mayo Clinic is headquartered there and the two parties plan to continue their collaboration.

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