Amazon’s supermarket trolley of the future stuns shoppers with ‘queue dump’ tech

A video showcasing Amazon’s smart shopping cart technology has gone viral, amassing nearly six million views in just days.

The video, titled “The Future of Shopping Has Arrived” and posted to Twitter, shows a woman walking through an Amazon Fresh supermarket, scanning items at checkout and simply placing them in her cart.

The woman then begins testing the new “Dash Cart” payment technology by tossing items into the cart and pulling them out, the scanner never missing a beat and updating the total price accordingly.

Amazon’s new smart shopping cart has been making waves online. Source: Twitter

As the woman is finishing her shop, an attendant waiting near the exit approaches and the cart display changes to a green “You are ready” screen, showing the full cost of the groceries.

The woman then taps to confirm the total and leaves the supermarket.

According to the Amazon website, payment is made automatically when shoppers leave the store.

New technology divides opinion

Many buyers seem very impressed with the new technology, with the video being retweeted almost 25,000 times and receiving over 90,000 likes.

However, comments on the tweet were more divided, as people bemoan the trend of lack of human interaction and the potential for automation to put low-skilled workers out of work.

“Less and less human interaction and people are wondering why society is becoming more and more depressed”, comments a user.

“No more jobs lost to time and technology,” someone else wrote.

Another user saw no benefit from the new technology, calling it “useless technology”.

Others were quick to disagree, pointing out how smart carts would save time for busy shoppers.

“Yeah sure. Being able to just get my bags out of the cart and leave the store without having to bother with a checkout line is totally pointless,” one user replied sarcastically.

“This was absolutely necessary in retail stores,” another user commented. “It avoids queues… Reduces waiting time and frustration.”

Others have expressed concern that the technology will allow retailers to store customer data, including product selections, for marketing purposes.

“I think it’s more about Amazon knowing what you buy, when you shop, and how much you buy. Enabling targeted advertising to help you spend more money!” commented one Twitter user.

When will smart carts come to Australia?

Although smart carts are available in some supermarket chains in Europe and North America, it’s unclear when the technology will reach Australia, with no announcements from major supermarkets yet.

Woolworths Scan&Go The technology is similar, but requires shoppers to manually scan each product with the Woolworths app on their phone, and has only been rolled out to 69 locations in Australia.

Customers have noted that in stores where Scan&Go is available, some carts have phone support, making the experience almost as seamless as Amazon’s offering.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, a Coles spokesperson said the retailer was always looking for ways to improve the in-store customer experience.

“Over the past two years, Coles has seen customer demand for self-checkout technologies accelerate,” the spokesperson said.

Woolworths Scan&Go supermarket checkout

Australia’s answer to Amazon’s Dash Cart, Woolworths Scan&Go technology can further save time in your supermarket store by taking advantage of smartphones and dedicated checkouts. Source: Woolworths

“We are rolling out a range of new options to help customers check out faster, including our popular self-checkouts and packing benches.

“Our new technology for the service area means we can have more checkouts open, providing customers with space, less congestion, reduced queues and freeing up team members to interact with our customers. , providing advice and assistance at the level they need.”

Amazon Australia and Woolworths have been approached for comment.

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