Are only the murders in the building on Amazon?

Only the murders in the building just started airing, and it’s great for comedy-drama fans. Can you stream the series on Amazon Prime Video?

If you like humor mixed with your drama, you’ll want to check it out Only the murders in the building. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez play three eccentric neighbors in an expensive New York apartment.

They don’t know each other, but end up being connected through their love for real criminal podcasts. When there’s a murder in their apartment building, they come together to solve it while creating their own true crime podcast at the same time.

What else are they going to do?

All you have to do is know where to stream the series. East Only the murders in the building on Amazon Prime Video?

Only Murders in the Building is not on Amazon

There is a lot of bad news to come. You cannot broadcast Only the murders in the building on Amazon Prime Video with your Prime membership. The series is a Hulu Original show.

Internationally, it’s still not on Prime, unlike Nine Perfect Strangers. It is available through the Disney + Star membership.

But you can buy the episodes on Digital through Amazon Video, right? This is where more bad news comes in. The series is unlikely to be available on Digital. While there are some Hulu shows that are making their way to DVD and even digital, very few get any of these treatments.

It is not necessary for Hulu to put the shows on Digital. It would drive subscribers away from the platform, and why would Hulu do that with so many subscription services now? Of course, Hulu will want to make its content exclusive, just like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc.

Only the murders in the building is only available to stream on Hulu.

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