Avaya Cloud Office Capabilities Improve Cloud Communications for Global Businesses

Avaya and RingCentral announced a wide range of new features for the Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution, including numerous enhancements specific to Avaya devices providing easy migration, additional video and expansion capabilities. holistic extending the ability of customers to log in on any device and work environment.

The past year has seen significant growth in adoption of cloud-based UC applications, and research shows that 55% of organizations will adopt UCaaS solutions by the end of 2021.

Additionally, over 87% 1 of these organizations will continue to support remote working in 2021 and beyond, so it’s critical that their communications solutions are able to support work across multiple locations and devices.

Avaya Cloud Office is now available in 13 countries, enabling organizations of all kinds to digitally transform their workforce communications. Avaya Cloud Office was also recently recognized with a MeritStar Award from Metrigy, ranking 2nd among all vendors in terms of positive customer sentiment, ahead of Microsoft, Zoom and others.

Easy migration to cloud communications

  • Visual Voicemail – For voicemail as it was supposed to be. Navigate the voicemail messages on your desk phone screen, view transcripts or listen to messages and perform a number of operations such as delete, forward and redial, using the desk phone buttons.
  • Appearance of bridged calls – Allows a primary number to appear on multiple phones, so delegates can act on behalf of the owner of the phone number to: call on their behalf, put on hold, pick up in group, share a line, or join calls. Delegates can act as the owner of the line – not only answering calls, but initiating calls on behalf of the owner. This is particularly useful in the manager / administrator assistant scenario.
  • Park and page – Triggered by pressing a button, which calls up a page to a defined group and activates a softkey “Answer” for anyone in the group.
  • Group call pickup – Allows any member of a designated group to be notified when a group member receives an incoming call, and they can respond if the intended recipient is not available, by simply pressing the pickup key. his telephone.

New ways to connect by video

  • Avaya Cloud Office rooms – Combined with an Avaya collaboration unit, Avaya Cloud Office transforms any workspace into a conference room. For a wide range of rooms, from home to office, meeting spaces or large meeting rooms, and using one or two screens, this feature is the perfect solution to bring everyone together, wherever they are. is.
  • Avaya Vantage – The Avaya Vantage smart device portfolio offers a new always-on high-quality audio and video option for Avaya Cloud Office, as well as direct access to preferred cloud applications and productivity-enhancing AI tools such as Amazon Alexa.
  • Plug and play of USB peripherals – Avaya offers additional USB cameras and audio conferencing devices, as well as a docking station to help users connect everything, including your monitor and laptop, while running Avaya Cloud Office.

Global expansion capabilities

  • EU Essentials Pack Now Available – Avaya Cloud Office is available in four license levels, including Essential, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate. The Essential level has now been added to the following EU countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.
  • New default data residence – To facilitate data residency requirements in certain markets, Avaya Cloud Office customer data is now stored by default in the country, without the need to opt-in, in the following markets: United States, Canada, Germany and United Kingdom
  • More global office markets added – Customers can further expand their global reach, with Global Office licenses now extending to more than forty countries, including Greece, Slovenia, Estonia and South Africa. Global Office licenses extend the ability of organizations in the thirteen Avaya Cloud Office markets to include additional country staff that can be billed through the home office license.

“Instead of going back to work, employees are going to ‘go to work’ in a new way: using cloud-based communications as part of a digital workplace and hybrid work model, and we are further enhancing Avaya Cloud Office to meet their needs, ”said Dennis Kozak, Avaya senior vice president, global sales. “We’re making it easier for organizations to migrate to the cloud and provide more ways to connect and communicate between home and office locations and multiple devices, providing the flexibility and agility that enable successful hybrid work environments.

“As a Senior Agent and Value Added Distributor for Avaya, we are excited about the new features added to Avaya Cloud Office,” said Patrick Howard, vice president of vendor management and marketing, Jenne. “By incorporating these Avaya-specific features on Avaya devices exclusively with the Avaya Cloud Office UCaaS offering, Avaya and RingCentral provide a best-in-class solution that enables businesses of all sizes to migrate to the cloud while communicating effectively and in the way they’re used to – all accomplished with world-class collaboration tools for our agents and resellers.

Avaya Cloud Office received the 2020 Unified Communications Excellence Award and the 2020 Communication Solution of the Year award for empowering businesses to leverage cloud communications to digitally transform workforce engagement.

Digital.com also named Avaya Cloud Office as one of the top business phone services of 2021 for its calling and meeting functionality, as well as service plans, cost-effective equipment management model, bonding SIP, extensive support and the best VOIP phone. 2020 services based on variety of feature-rich, cloud-based phone system plans.

“UCaaS adoption continues to grow rapidly, with over 47% of businesses currently using it, and nearly 40% of those still operating on-premises telephone systems are evaluating or planning to adopt UCaaS from” by the end of 2021, ”says Irwin Lazar, president and senior analyst, Metrigy. “These new features in Avaya Cloud Office will make it easier for businesses to realize the benefits of cloud-based communications by enabling support for required call management capabilities, as well as adding new capabilities to streamline the process.” Voicemail.

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