Best office in 2021: comparison of the best home offices

Lots of people are working from home right now, which can be amazing or incredibly difficult – especially if other family members are working or learning from home too. Maybe you want a space of your own and a dressing room to create the perfect workspace.

Whether you want an executive desk for business or a gaming desk for your favorite hobby, there’s a perfect desk for everyone. Pairing your desk with a suitable office chair, such as an office chair, is essential to enjoying your home office setup. Desks are available in different shapes, sizes, styles and price points to suit everyone’s needs.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the type of desk you want and the best desks in 2021.



We chose this desk for its style, durability, price, and customer ratings. This desk received 4.5 stars on Amazon, with reviews for easy assembly, ample desk space, and quality for the price. This desk has adjustable feet, a handy shelf to store things, and a grommet to hide your chords.

$ 89 at Amazon



This desk received 4.7 stars on Amazon for its ease of assembly and overall sturdiness. To install, insert the top of the plywood panel into the metal base, and you are good to go. It can be folded up for storage or moving, and it is reasonably priced.

View now on Amazon



This desk is technically designed for children, but since it has a maximum height of 28.5 inches, adults can use it as well. With effortless styling, the Pahl desk would make a great addition to any room. It features cord organizers and like most IKEA products, it can be paired with other IKEA units like desk shelves or cabinet accessories.

$ 49 at Ikea



Sitting too long is not good for our health, and some people think it is best to stand up. It can help you stay alert and focused. The advantage of this desk is that you can sit or stand with a wide range of height adjustments. It’s easy to assemble and adjust with plenty of surface space to install whatever you need.

$ 234 at Amazon



This desk is perfect for anyone who uses multiple monitors or other extensive office tools. It is very sturdy and the tempered glass gives the desk a modern look. Reviews also say the glass is fingerprint resistant, a keyboard tray is included, and the unit isn’t too difficult to assemble with help.

$ 125 at Amazon



This desk, found on Wayfair, has 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has a professional look and feel while offering plenty of desk space, a computer cabinet, drawers, storage and four USB ports. Assembly isn’t the easiest with this desk, but the instructional video is helpful.

$ 307 at Wayfair


Case and barrel

This desk is more expensive, but it is sturdy and beautiful. It’s made from salvaged Brazilian telephone poles and then handcrafted in a small factory in Pueblo, Mexico. The wood gives it texture and character, and the steel legs give it an industrial look. This table will become a centerpiece and double as a work of art – you’ll love showing it off.

$ 1,699 at Crate & Barrel



This desk is sleek and functional with its mid-century modern flair, adequate size, two drawers for organization, affordability, and easy setup. This desk is the perfect addition to a smaller workspace that won’t take up too much space, give you a place to work and looks very stylish.

$ 169 at Office Depot



This desk is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space or likes the idea of ​​not occupying a room in their home for an office. This floating desk is a chalkboard that opens into a cabinet when closed and a small workspace when unfolded. It is very functional but a little tricky to assemble.

$ 169 at Wayfair



This desk is perfect for anyone who enjoys working in a comfortable place, such as in bed, on the sofa, or in a comfortable chair.

$ 29 at Amazon

How to choose the type of desk you need

The perfect desk is easily the most crucial piece of your office furniture. Without a decent modern desk and a comfortable chair, your office space will be the last place you want to spend time. The most suitable desk will help your workflow and productivity, and it will be comfortable to work for long periods of time. Your desk should match your style and complement your other home office furniture. Most importantly, it should be optimal for the type of work you are going to be doing.

Here are six things to consider when choosing the perfect desk.

Office use

Identify how you will use your office.

  • Computer work: Make sure you choose a desk suitable for computer work with wiring holes, electrical outlets, and, if necessary, room for a processor underneath.
  • Paperwork generation: You will need a desk with plenty of surface space and then space to store your work like drawers, hanging shelves, or cabinets.
  • For a limited space: Computer cabinets are becoming more and more popular because you can close doors and hide unsightly hardware. L-shaped desks, folding desks, compact computer desks, corner desks or computer carts all fit into small spaces.
  • Office space: What room will your office be in? Ideally, you’ll want one room to be your dedicated office. However, any living room can serve as a home office as long as it is tidy and there are no distractions during working hours.

Working style

What is your working style?

  • Neat freak: If you keep your workspace very organized and clutter-free, you can get by with a smaller desk if you need to.
  • Organized chaos: If you work in a space where you know what everything is, but someone else would be lost, you might want an office with a larger area.

Ergonomics and space

How much space do you need? Do you need an ergonomic office chair or a height adjustable chair?

  • Legroom: Most desks are 29 or 30 inches, which is enough for most people. But if you’re taller, consider an adjustable desk. Many desks are adjustable.
  • Spacing: Be sure to measure your workspace to ensure enough space for you to sit behind the desk and other furniture. Consider installing a basic cable management system to give yourself as much desk and leg space as possible, especially if you are using many different chargers.
  • Keyboard space: If you are using a keyboard, it may be more comfortable to place it under the desk or get a desk with adjustable feet. Also be aware of the size of the keyboard platform if it is to contain a mouse.
  • Materials nearby: Make sure your desk is large enough to keep everything you need close at hand for your convenience.
  • Office storage: How much storage will you need? Determine if you will need additional shelving, shelving, filing cabinets, or any other storage to store office supplies and help keep you organized.

Desk surface

How do you want your work surface to look and feel?

  • Laminate: It is the most popular choice because it is affordable and relatively durable. Laminate is made by coating wood with a plastic finish in several colors and wood grain patterns.
  • Metal or steel: This is the most durable option. Black metal in particular is reasonably priced and you can easily determine the quality by checking the weight of the desk. If you need your desk for heavy or long term use, a desk with a metal frame may be the best option for you.
  • Wood or veneer: If your favorite style is elegance and you don’t mind paying attention to wear, this is an attractive choice. This type of desk looks better and is generally more expensive, but it is easily nicked and not suitable for heavy use.

Quality and durability

Determine which desks have the highest quality and durability.

  • Drawer construction: You can usually determine the quality of a desk by looking at the construction of its drawers. Do the drawers open and close easily while holding the weight? Do the drawers open fully to use all of the drawer space? Do they have a solid suspension? Metal hanger rollers are the most durable.
  • Corners and edges: When you examine the desk, are there any frayed or damaged parts?
  • Warranty: The warranty on your desktop can tell you more about its quality, durability and lifespan. Warranties range from one year to a lifetime warranty.

Standing and sitting options

  • The standing desk: Sitting for long hours can seriously affect your posture, internal organs, and overall health. A standing desk is a great choice because it gives you the flexibility to stand instead of sitting, which can promote blood circulation and overall focus when working long hours.

Choose your perfect office

Now that you know the type of desk you need and some of the most popular choices of 2021, we hope you are able to find the perfect desk for you and your workspace. Some of the best affordable places to shop are Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, Overstockand IKEA. There are a few more, but this should get you started.

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