Britain’s dream home revealed: freestanding four-bed by the sea

What do Brits look for when looking for the property of their dreams? A home office and outdoor spaces have been major trends during a pandemic, while other wishlist items may include a gym or entertainment spaces.

A Rightmove survey of 2,023 people revealed what Britain’s dream home looks like: it is said to be a detached four-bedroom property in a coastal village, with two living rooms, two bathrooms , a garden, a garage, a laundry room and an office. Tesco is the supermarket most people want to have nearby, while the top four non-essential amenities sought after within walking distance are a pub, grocery store, cafe, and local market.

“The study paints a fascinating picture of what a ‘dream home’ really means to people,” said Tim Bannister, real estate expert at Rightmove. “Usually you might think that a dream house is a mansion with swimming pools and other luxuries, but the British sense of thought shows itself almost very clearly with garages, laundry rooms and home offices in the agenda.”


Detached dream

One of the main impacts on the housing market during the pandemic was the increase in the number of people buying single-family homes. The Nation’s Dream Home shows the desire to live in a small, friendly community but in a detached house so as not to have neighbors too close. A cottage comes in second, fitting in with the idyll of a cozy seaside cottage.



Essential rooms and spaces

Two lounges is the most popular request for the number of lounges, perhaps having one for guests and one for daily use. A garage and a garden are both a high priority, although nowadays a garage can be used for additional storage rather than parking the car inside. When it comes to additional rooms, the humble laundry room stands out as a must-have, well above all the fanciful notions of walk-in closets, gymnasiums or swimming pools.

The increase in home work is especially evident in the younger age groups, with 18-34 year olds stating that a home office is their number one priority for an extra room. Rightmove said a veranda doesn’t start to emerge as a must-see until the 65-and-over age group, who also crave a bungalow above a larger house. The younger age group (18-24) would very much like a dining room, which may have more space to entertain friends. A third bathroom, perhaps for growing families, is emerging in the 25-44 age group.

Additional parts desired
1 Garage
2 Laundry room
3 Home office
4 Dining room
5 Dressing room
6 Conservatory
7 Pool
8 Gym / spa
9 Game room
ten Library


Coastal property

Coastal getaways

It has been well documented over the past year that more people than usual have considered moving to a coastal location and to smaller towns and villages, although there are now signs that life in town is back. When exploring what life could be, the vast majority say they would like to live in a coastal village, and first-time buyers are the only group that prefers to live in the city.



Tesco on Waitrose

When people were asked which supermarket they would most like to have nearby, “every little bit of help” for Tesco, as the chain beat Waitrose by just 1% in the Rightmove study. There were clear regional favorites, with the South favoring Waitrose and Sainsbury’s victory over Yorkshire and the Humber. Rightmove said Tesco is the supermarket most mentioned by realtors in the ads, followed by Waitrose. “Waitrose is over-indexing however when you consider the number of additional stores Tesco has in Britain. “

Most wanted supermarket nearby
East Midlands Waitrose
East of England Tesco
London Waitrose
Northeast Tesco
North West Tesco
Scotland Aldi
South East Waitrose
South West Waitrose
Wales Tesco
West Midlands Aldi
Yorkshire and the Humber Sainsbury’s
national Tesco


Pint at local pub

Get off at the local pub

Nationally, the pub wins out as the most popular establishment nearby, followed by a local convenience store, cafe and local market. A local market wins as the number one priority in London. Bakeries and restaurants come next on the national list, and local greengrocers and butchers are a more popular choice than take-out, probably because people know they can rely on delivery drivers for them. bring straight to their doorstep.

Nearby amenities sought
1 Pub
2 Corner shop
3 Coffee
4 Local market
5 Bakery
6 Restaurants
7 Greengrocers
8 Butchers
9 Take away food
ten Gym

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