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Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are the hardest to organize. What are you supposed to do with all that clutter – those extra pencils, paper clips, sewing needles, screwdrivers, or whatever else you have on hand – unless you sweep it in a drawer and try to forget it?

Shira Gill, a home organizer based in Berkeley, Calif., Has an answer: try using a cart or a toolbox.

“I have found them remarkably useful,” said Ms. Gill, whose book, “Minimalista,” will be published by Ten Speed ​​Press in October. “It’s a versatile, portable and convenient solution. “

Ms. Gill uses shopping carts to hold home office accessories, chargers for electronics, and art and school supplies for her children. But they’re just as handy for storing tools, toiletries and cleaning supplies, she said, and even creating a “wellness station” near the front door, to hold items. face masks and hand sanitizer during the pandemic.

Just be sure to pick the one that you find visually appealing, as it will be on display frequently.

“These are utilitarian items,” Ms. Gill said. “But there’s no reason they can’t be stylish too.”

  • Should a shopping cart have a lot of compartments? A container with many small compartments is good for small things like arts and crafts supplies, Ms. Gill said, but “I generally like a handful of larger compartments,” for more flexibility.

  • What is the best material? “I prefer shopping carts that aren’t plastic, both for aesthetics and durability,” said Ms. Gill, who favors metal or wood boxes.

  • Does a shopping cart have to have a closing lid? It depends. A cover gives a cleaner look and prevents items from falling out, but it also makes the contents less accessible.

Powder coated steel caddy in two sizes

From $ 25 at West Elm: 888-922-4119 or

Japanese metal toolbox with folding trays

$ 95 at the MoMA Design Store: 800-851-4509 or

Resin shopping cart with rubberwood handle in two sizes

From $ 39 at Urban Outfitters: 800-282-2200 or

Birch Tool Box from Verso Design of Finland

$ 120 at KonMari:

Powder coated galvanized iron tool box with perforated bottom

$ 95 at Ferm Living: 011-45-7022-7523 or

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