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Smart platforms and the future of airport security checks

Over the past year, UK start-up UtterBerry has developed smart security platforms and the company is now in talks with airports across the country to roll out the technology starting next year. The technology has received wide acclaim from both government and industry levels. “It is my ambition that the …

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Home office obligation ends in Berlin

For many Berliners, their four walls have become the center of their work over the past year. Instead of working at the desk, they open their laptops at the kitchen table or in their own office. At the end of March 2021, Berlin became the first German state to enact …

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NYC Restaurant has a solution for remote working

Share Tweeter Share Share Share E-mail New York real estate is expensive, restaurant margins are tight, and consumers, many of whom now work remotely at least a few days a week, are tired of spending time at home. Combine these three things and you have a New York restaurant and …

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