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Forget Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee, we have to talk about Ben Affleck’s controversial soda habits.

On June 19, Jennifer Lopez posted a touching tribute to her fiancé on Instagram, writing, “Happy Father’s Day to the most caring, loving, affectionate, consistent and selfless dad ever.” The caption was accompanied by a video mashup of sweet moments between the couple, which rekindled their early relationship in April 2021. Cute and normal, right?

Well, upon closer examination, fans noticed something that honestly looks illegal in some footage of Affleck’s home office: a soda fountain that features both Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke. That shouldn’t even be possible! According SlateCoke and Pepsi products are not compatible in the same soda dispenser for reasons that seem very technical and make little or no sense to me (read for yourself here).

Long story short: This is probably a custom-made soda maker that someone went “the extra mile” to build. It means Affleck really wanted both options. But why?!

Choose a side, Ben!


You should ask him! For now, the Internet has some thoughts. Twitter user @kath_krueger, whose original soda fountain tweet gained 32,000 likes, described the actor as a “king of chaos”.

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AG Office Letter Comments on Gaylord Mobile Home Park Cleanup http://amigaextreme.com/ag-office-letter-comments-on-gaylord-mobile-home-park-cleanup/ Tue, 21 Jun 2022 22:10:59 +0000 http://amigaextreme.com/ag-office-letter-comments-on-gaylord-mobile-home-park-cleanup/

GAYLORD — Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said her department’s consumer protection team sent a letter to the owner of the Nottingham Forest Mobile Home Park to discuss cleaning up debris from the May 20 tornado.

“Our concern is that residents were given no advance notice or opportunity to secure their belongings before they were picked up during the debris cleanup,” Nessel’s letter said.

“Knowing that the situation in Nottingham Forest was both unforeseen and unfortunate, with the loss of a home comes the potential loss of a lifetime’s possessions. These goods include basic necessities of clothing and money, as well as the comfort of photographs, keepsakes and heirlooms.

“The letter explaining that the ‘debris’ was to be cleared in no way embraces the monetary or emotional value of the property involved in this tragic affair. We therefore wonder whether the ‘rubble’ that Mr. (Richard) Puzzuoli to whom we keeps referring could also have included salvageable treasures, even if this value is known only in the hearts of their owners.A fair opportunity for recovery following such tragic circumstances is therefore the cautious path indicated by n’ any compass. I appreciate Mr. Puzzuoli’s willingness to change his process when it comes to cleaning balance.”