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San Francisco, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Choral, the financial industry’s leading diversity technology platform, is increasing the volume of representative voices with its new offering, Voices: Search™. Now available in beta for media companies and financial organizations, Voices™ makes it easy for journalists and event planners to connect with hundreds of people of color, women and non-binary professionals who are sources and qualified speakers in the financial ecosystem. With this launch, Choir is also proud to announce respected FinTech innovator, speaker and Envestnet leader, Dani Favajoined the company’s board of directors.

Voices is a research platform that connects journalists, conference planners and other industry content producers with fresh sources and speakers who bring diverse expertise representative of the world around us. On Voices:Search, users search by broad areas of interest – such as asset management or cryptocurrency – or specific topics such as fixed income, 401k, stock compensation, economics behavioral or charitable donations, for example. Search users can filter by title, professional designation, location, race, gender, and other personal identifiers.

The individuals – or “Voices” – listed on the platform each have their own digital media kit containing: links to media appearances and videos of them speaking; the types and sizes of speaking roles, print and digital media they are willing to participate in; downloadable photos; links to social media and professional websites; fees charged (if applicable); and contact details.

“Conference committees and journalists face significant time constraints and limited networks, contributing to a continuous cycle of speakers and seamless sources – Voices will change that,” said Liv Gagnon, co-founder of the Choir. “Before launching certification, Voices was the brainchild of Choir. We asked, “What if you could search from a pool of brilliant speakers and sources made up entirely of people of color, women, and non-binary professionals?” Now we’ve built it, and we’re excited the industry is seeing a new face of thought leadership.

More than 200 Voices have already registered and are on the platform in beta version. Choir began signing leading financial and national media commercial contracts with Voices: Search, as well as conference planning teams and financial organizations.

“News publications, financial institutions and conference organizers largely have good intentions and have told us they want to put the expertise of women and people of color in the spotlight. Until now, they didn’t have an efficient and scalable way to do this,” said Sonya Dreizler, co-founder of Choir. “We want to turn intention into action. Voices removes many of the obstacles that have been standing for too long.

Voices is a natural continuation of Choir’s mission to bring the voices of people of color, women, and non-binary professionals to the stages and in the media. In January, the company launched its flagship Choir Certification, a diversity certification and assessment for financial conferences that includes guidance, year-over-year benchmarking, and helpful resources on diversity, equity and inclusion for conference planning teams. The certification is based on Choir’s proprietary algorithm that quantifies how well a lineup of speakers reflects the American population. Dozens of conferences have already started working with Choir, and a list of certified events is listed on the website.

“An industry’s ability to innovate is directly related to how effectively it listens to and responds to the needs of all of its consumers. This can only happen when diverse leaders are at the table,” said fava. “I’m inspired by the platform Choir has created and excited to help evolve it so we can all reap the benefits.”

Organizations interested in joining the Voices beta can email [email protected] or visit for more information.

From early-career professionals to C-Suite executives, anyone working in finance can join Voices today at no cost by submitting a profile at

Companies interested in providing Voices as a resource to their employees can contact [email protected]

All media requests: [email protected]

About the choir

Choir, LLC (“Choir”) is the finance industry’s premier conference diversity certification and diversity technology platform focused on amplifying the voices of finance professionals who are women, non-binary, and people of color. Creator of Choir Certification™ and Choir Score™, the company aims to make conferences more representative of the American population by helping organizations identify and achieve clear and actionable speaker diversity benchmarks. A complete list of certified Choir conferences is available at The company is based in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Choir and Envestnet are separate, unaffiliated companies. This release should not be construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any particular product, service or company.


  • Dani Fava, Chief Innovation Officer of Envestnet Group and Member of the Choir Advisory Board

  • Choir Voices Web Page


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