Coming soon to Family Mart convenience stores across Japan: lots of digital signage

The Family Mart of the future plans to use lots of electronic advertising to attack your senses.

With 16,600 stores in Japan serving approximately 450 million customers per month, Family market is the second largest convenience store chain in Japan after 7-Eleven. It’s hard to walk more than a few blocks in a major Japanese city without seeing its distinctive blue and green stripes, hearing its signature door chime, or feeling its newly-enlarged Famichiki Fried Chicken floating by the door.

This month, Family Mart announced a new digital media and advertising plan in which Family Mart branches across Japan will be equipped with multiple large-screen digital displays that will transmit not only advertisements, but also entertainment, art and news.. Specific media content can also be changed based on regional customer preferences and even time of day.

▼ According to our team, however, there isn’t a bad time of day for ice cream and sake – maybe even together – from Family Mart.

The idea for the digital signage push arose in response to trends regarding the diversity of ways consumers digest media, with Family Mart citing the expansion of digital marketing techniques used by some large retailers in the United States, as well as the increased prevalence of digital advertising in Japan in public transport and train stations as well as in outdoor spaces. To test the effectiveness of such strategies, digital signage was installed at a number of Family Mart stores in September 2020, and the results were positive enough that the new joint venture was given the green light for development. For the new project, Family Mart is joining forces with Data One, a Japanese advertising company established in October 2020 to develop advanced digital advertising services.

▼ Before we know it, it’s going to be about adding all other types of services, like fitness clubs, to Family Mart as well… oh wait.

In addition to making it easier to track the effectiveness of advertising based on in-store purchases, organizers hope that Family Mart’s new digital signage project will help prevent potential victims of fraud by posting scam warnings by. bank transfer and gift card.

Family Mart’s first goal for the new initiative is to introduce digital signage to 3,000 store locations by spring 2022, which would reach around 82 million people per month, with the ultimate goal of equipping all sites within three years. Until then, we’ll be looking forward to snacking on a few hundred new onigiri from the chain with eco-friendly packaging.

Source: Family Mart via Otakomu
Top image: Family Mart
Insert images: SoraNews24, Family Mart
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