Computers under 100 euros: home office and homeschooling with the Raspberry Pi 400

The special thing about the Raspberry Pi 400: it doesn’t look like a PCB computer as usual, but in a case with a keyboard and all the important connections. You can get the Raspberry Pi 400 (from 70 €) for around 70 € and all you need is a power supply, mouse, memory card and connection cable. HDMI. You can get the set (from € 99.50) including the book “The Official Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide” for around € 100 in well-stocked stores.

In the following experiment, we tested whether this computer is sufficient as a base for home office and home schooling. We check if the small device can handle Office programs for word processing and spreadsheets, if the connection of webcams and printers works, and what it looks like with video conferencing and streaming.

To do this, we will first show you how to install the Twister OS operating system, including the graphical user interface and many programs, on the Raspberry Pi 400. You will see that the interface does not differ much from the systems. usual operating conditions. In order to increase the performance of the device, you can then overclock it with our instructions – then everything is prepared for the home office suitability test.

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