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Those who act as credit consultants (also called credit intermediaries) can be very helpful. Their job is to provide professional advice to people or companies in need of consumer or mortgage loans. Most of them offer free services to end-users. See http://durandfirst-umc.org for further editorial

Credit intermediaries do not act as creditors or notaries but bind directly or indirectly a consumer with a creditor. Credit consultants present or offer credit agreements to consumers, cooperate by undertaking preparatory actions to conclude loan agreements or pre-contractual arrangements, may enter into contracts on behalf of a creditor. They do this for a fee. We will introduce you to some registered credit consultants.

1. Sandu Ltd

  • Completely free of charge, expertly and impartially, at every stage of the lending process.
  • Grant to find the best credit for you.
  • Analyze your individual financial capabilities and provide you with the best deals with comprehensive data on interest rates, fees, insurance, and other important loan parameters.
  • He works with 13 leading banks in our country, specialized in financing individuals, makes the necessary communication with them, sends documents and works until the end of the credit process and the absorption of the money.
  • The team of specialists of the company specializes in bank lending, offers consulting and brokerage services for mortgage loans .


  • Credit consultants with completely free services, banks pay a commission for the credits absorbed, the remuneration of the credit consultant is not tied to the choice of a particular bank.
  • Company activity – in the field of consumer, corporate loans and mortgage loans, in refinancing existing loans if you want to buy a home or property to invest in it.
  • It works closely with customers to understand their needs and needs.
  • Access to hundreds of offers from established banks and negotiations for your individual offer.
  • Caring for credit details, meeting with customers is scheduled in time and place convenient for them.
  • Credit consultants are independent, they cancel you at any time from the credit process, they daily monitor changes in the area.
  • Here you get a critical analysis of each offer, get to know its strengths and weaknesses.

3. FinSite Ltd.

  • Unrelated company for free credit counseling, with history and experience.
  • Keep all communication with banks, protect your interests.
  • Compare bids and rely on the “small font” of bank bids.
  • Credit consultants are specialists in finding beneficial mortgage loans related to long-term investments, consumer loans to meet current needs, acquisitions, repairs, corporate loans to small and medium-sized enterprises and investment of free funds.


  • Licensed credit intermediary and independent financial consultant.
  • Impartial and professional in the field of consumer, mortgage and corporate loans, overdrafts, European funding, automotive lending, microfinance, loan refinancing and others.

Organize seminars, excursions, camps, holidays.

  • Prepare a minimum of 5 bids for comparison, calculate the debt-to-income ratio and the required income to withdraw a loan.
  • They get the necessary documents and help to fill them up.
  • Wide range of services with a focus on credit counseling.


  • Credit consultants with long experience, competence and individual approach to mortgage lending by banks and financial institutions.
  • Selection of a bargain offer of 350 products from different creditors.
  • Calculators who use in their business: credit, how much expensive property you can afford, interest and loan refinancing.
  • Guaranteed objectivity, focusing on important details of the credit process.
  • Negotiating concessions and preferences by financiers, avoiding risks and problems.


  • Consult with a socially responsible company for free to improve your financial expertise and target a reasonable credit.
  • Credit consultants performing services in the field of mortgage lending, consumer loans, refinancing of loans and consolidation of liabilities.
  • You will save time – you will not compare the parameters and characteristics of multiple credits, save money – the company negotiates preferential interest rates and discounts, you can use an accelerated credit procedure and easily overcome the administrative burden.
  • Explicit preparation of free pre-market assessments when financing a real estate purchase with a bank loan.
  • Legal assistance in concluding deals for the purchase and sale of real estate and establishing mortgages for financing by bank credit.
  • Interpretation of vague clauses in draft bank credit agreements.


  • Years of experience in consumer and mortgage lending. Flexible solutions and long-term partnerships with banks, real estate agencies and construction companies.
  • Basic principles on which the activity is based: open communication, responsibility, professionalism, discretion and respect for customers.
  • The team of the company consists of people who have worked long in the banking sphere.
  • Do the consultations in a convenient time for you, at your chosen location or in the office of the company. Against the criteria you set, they collect bids from banks. Together, you review and analyze them to get the most accurate and effective solution.
  • To maintain your peace of mind and working rhythm, the company forms and submits the necessary documents and takes over the correspondence with the bank until the transaction is completed.
  • You successfully realize your plans in the field of consumer, mortgage, corporate lending, merger of credit obligations, leasing of used cars up to 20 000 leva, reverse lease, insurance of all kinds and others.
  • You can always get up-to-date information about the banking market once you’ve downloaded the credit.


  • Free and independent service by credit counselors in the client’s interest, does not provide loans, but provides mediation activity.
  • Specialized in credit consultancy for all credit products of individuals and legal entities / small and medium enterprises.
  • Impartially compare the bank proposals to make the best choice, to have security and appropriate price parameters.
  • The company with its clients is not only to the absorption of the loan but also afterwards, if it has to make improvements, refinancing or granting additional amounts.
  • Competent and professional counseling, at a time and place you choose.
  • The company provides calculators to make accurate and accurate calculations.

What is a credit consultant and what business does it do?

What is a credit consultant and what business does it do?

A credit consultant is a natural or legal person who carries out a service, it provides information that aims to find the best credit for us borrowers. In our economic reality, there are a variety of credit products with specific features and conditions.

In order to properly orientate in this diversity, to choose the optimal, most advantageous credit under the most favorable parameters, a very important and important role played by the credit consultant. In order to decide on which credit we will stop, we need unbiased advice given by professionals with knowledge, qualifications and experience.

Financial terms, competitive offers made by banking and financial institutions need to become accessible and understandable to us, and this is only possible if we become a good credit consultant. Many people need credit nowadays, we are all specialists in our field, we have no knowledge of credit, grant requirements and the consequences of non-repayment, all of this may become clear to us if a credit consultant introduces us in this area .

All of these national reasons have forced the establishment and creation of a credit consultant profession to be up to us from application to repayment of the loan. The credit counselor must be economically prepared to know the laws in our country to offer a high-quality service backed by excellent knowledge.

He has to make an in-depth analysis of the various types of loans offered in Bulgaria and, depending on the loan we are looking for, to compare interest rates, repayment terms, fees, the cost of the whole loan, the time for approval, the way of granting, collateral, bets, preferences, and more.

The credit consultant should be able to make the relevant conclusions to refer us to the most convenient credit for us, to handle the documentation, to know how to fill in the requested documents, who issues them, and in what time. He must be aware of the credit granting procedure itself. It is especially important to prepare us for repayment, to have legal knowledge to know in advance what happens if we are late in paying the contributions if we do not observe the maturity date and if we fall into arrears.

The credit consultant needs to know which banks and financial companies are more flexible and mobile, and in financial difficulties (where everyone can fall), are willing to renegotiate the loan terms, restructure the repayment plan, refinance or merge obligations, reschedule installments, extend deadlines or withdraw extra money. A credit consultant, if he is good and responsible, can save us money, time and nerves.

Especially if we are going to be an event of great importance for us and the money we need to buy home, buy household equipment, furnish, treat, educate, travel and more. Sometimes, under one credit lies our life, our destiny, we trust the credit counselor, and to justify this trust, he has to offer us the most appropriate credit, he has to know the details for a long time, that loan repayment sometimes lasts for 20-30 years.

All credit consultants should have individual attitude towards each client, be objective, be experts in their field. In order for the credit consultant to be transparent, he must have declared which banks and financial companies he is working to make the client more secure and secure.

It is better to work for more banks and financial institutions, this guarantees better choice of loan. There are credit counselors who work for the client free of charge, they may be detached in companies, in most cases and independent. When they offer us credit, they inform us of its strengths, the advantages and the negatives.

The profession of credit consultant is significant and responsible. The BNB maintains a Public Register of registered credit intermediaries under Art. 51 of the Law on Credits of Real Estate for Consumers. It contains:

  • Credit broker data: Permanent address, seat and management address respectively.
  • Details of the persons who manage and represent the credit intermediary. Contact persons and contact phone.
  • Information about whether the credit intermediary offers the advice service.
  • Details of the creditors with which it is bound.


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