Deadline Detroit | Debbie Dingell to move Dearborn district office to Woodhaven after vandalism

Rather than risk a second rampage of his main local office, Rep. Debbie Dingell relocates it from Dearborn to a nearby suburb.

“Mayor Pat Odette offered us a space at Woodhaven Town Hall which was most kind,” said the MP, whose first floor district office, West Outer Drive, was vandalized last Monday. . “It’s been a home office for a very long time [used earlier by her late husband John], but I must ensure the safety of my staff, “she adds in a post on social networks.

Debbie Dingell: “I have to keep my staff safe.” (Photo: C-SPAN)

The new space on Hall Road “is a secure building and adjacent to the police department. It will be well located and my team secure. … We will always be accessible to all voters in the district.

In a statement on the day of the forced entry last week, the fourth term representative said she was “deeply concerned about the break-in and vandalism. … My office has been receiving threats for months and we are taking them. very seriously “.

Dingell also has a Ypsilanti office on the fourth floor at 301 W. Michigan Ave. “which will likely become the main office for now.”

She describes her staff here and in Washington as “shaken”, as have “all Congressional staff, on both sides of the aisle, since Jan. 6. … They’re the ones who are frequently on the front lines, hear the news. hate, meanness, really awful things and hearing the death threats that we get … We are lucky to have young people who care about us and want to make a difference. “


“It has to stop now,” Debbie Dingell says after Dearborn office vandalism

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