Deal of the day: Anker charging gear, ideal for travel or home

If you want a great charging solution for your home, office, home office, or travel, today here are some great deals from Anker on their charging and hub accessories.

While there are plenty of companies out there in the charging accessory business, the one I’ve trusted the most over the years is Anker. Not only have they never let me down, but they always seem to have the exact type of product I need before I even start looking for what I want. This even includes mini video projectors!

Anker Charging Accessories on Sale

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Amazon’s Deal of the Day includes several Anker products that should come in handy whether you’re looking for something for work, home, the home office, or in your bag to travel.

Here are the pieces of Anker gear on sale today:

I have to say that the two things that intrigue me the most are the Anker docking station (since I have a MacBook Pro with only 2 USB C ports) and the Anker 4-in-1 wireless charging station (since my wife has an iPhone and an Apple Watch and it could be awesome). Just be sure to read the descriptions as the charging station, for example, is not compatible with magnetic cases or MagSafe accessories.

My favorite Anker portable charger – but not for sale (yet!)

Personally, I have a new favorite Anker device and now own an iPhone 12 mini. While I like the small form factor and that’s what I’ve wanted from Apple for years, since their iPhone 5, the battery life is really not that good at all. I used to carry an Anker portable power pack but just found the Anker Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger, designed only for the iPhone 12 range. This little guy just sticks to the back of my iPhone 12 Mini and charges it so I no longer need a cable! But, if I want to charge it by USB C or charge something else, there is also a USB C socket on it.

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