Documentary Highlights Horrors of Michigan Human Trafficking and Aims to Spark Change

DETROIT – A documentary produced in the Detroit metro area works to expose the horrors of human trafficking.

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The documentary “Men Who Buy Sex—Everyone Pays” is produced by the Wayne County Medical Society Foundation in partnership with Digital Media Works.

He shares the stories of Michigan survivors.

“I was trafficked from age 3 to 13, my dad trafficked me,” said one survivor.

Stories like that weren’t easy for producer Lisa Jackson to listen to.

“When you hear their stories, you are almost stunned by the silence. There’s really nothing to come back to when you hear what they’ve been through,” Jackson said.

As painful as it may be to relive, there is a purpose. The aim is to inform and create greater pressure for new laws to better punish traffickers and buyers.

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“Right now, the victims are being punished in the same way. The model we’re looking for is what’s called the equality model, where traffickers and commercial buyers would receive the harsher penalties,” Jackson said.

The mission is in the title, the logic is that if buyers are held accountable, lives will be saved.

“The purchase of commercial sexual services increases the demand for human trafficking and puts vulnerable people at risk of being trafficked, children. Many vulnerable people are being drawn into human trafficking as the demand increases,” Jackson said.

On February 23, there will be a private screening for police, prosecutors, government officials and activist groups.

After the private screening, the documentary will be released at the end of February, for download. The link will be on the documentary page Facebook page.

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Click here to watch a trailer for the documentary.

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