EE Customers Get Free Samsung Laptop, But Epic Deal Ends TODAY

Didn’t get the laptop you wanted under the Christmas tree? Don’t panic because EE still has an offer that includes a free Samsung Chromebook 4 when you buy certain Galaxy smartphones under contract. The gift is available to anyone who puts a Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S20 FE in their online shopping cart. Once the contract is signed, the Samsung PC will then be mailed with this device featuring an 11.6 inch screen, lightweight design and fast charging battery with UBS-C ports.

It’s also powered by Google’s Chrome operating system, which makes it simple and fun to use and easy to protect against cyber threats with automatic updates. This laptop usually costs around £ 299, so it’s a pretty good deal from EE. The network also boasts that customers will save over £ 400 off the price of the S21 thanks to a reduced monthly fee, with things now starting at just £ 37.

Does that sound appealing? You don’t have long to sign up, with the offer ending later today, December 27th.

Along with this free laptop offering, the network has also released a deal that includes a Samsung Galaxy Watch without paying a dime for it. This laptop is free for anyone who buys the latest Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung’s latest addition to its foldable lineup.

If you didn’t already know, the Z Flip 3 has an upgraded 120Hz main screen and a larger screen on the front case.

There’s also a better dual-lens camera, a faster processor, and the design makes things a lot more rugged, which means it should outlive the life of your pocket.

Those who buy one will then get a Galaxy Watch on their wrist. If you don’t fancy a new smartphone, EE has also added more data to its £ 20 SIM plan. This means that you now get 160 GB of 5G internet access every month.

Existing customers can also take advantage of a fully unlimited data SIM card for just £ 25 – that’s one of EE’s lowest prices.

If any of these offers caught your eye, don’t dawdle. Most offers end on December 27th so it doesn’t take long to take advantage of them.

Of course, it’s not just EE that gives freebies. Three Mobile continues to implement its broadband promotion which provides a free laptop or TV to customers who subscribe to its Internet access.

Anyone signing up for THree’s 5G hub can request a Chromebook or Toshiba TV.

There’s also a similar deal on the slightly slower 4G hub, with customers getting the TV for free.

The only thing to know is that Three’s broadband signal is transmitted to homes through their mobile network, so make sure you have a strong connection before signing up.

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