Foster Fuels expands in Campbell County midway through 100th year of operation

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) – Foster Fuels is poised to expand its propane operations in Campbell County by establishing a new headquarters on Calohan Road in Rustburg.

According to a statement released by Campbell County officials on Tuesday, October 12, Foster Fuels was established in 1921 and operates out of Brookneal, bringing recognition to the county by supplying various heating fuels to distributors, businesses and homes.

Their nationwide operation also supports fuel delivery and emergency response logistics companies. In 2003, Foster Fuels launched the Emergency Response Division, which serves government, military and Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Likewise, in 2010, the Fuel Quality Division was established to ensure and maintain top quality fuel and equipment for customers, as well as to assess risk management services for long term fuel preservation. . Mission Critical division won largest emergency fuel contract in 2019 for five years to support emergency fuel delivery to the 50 states, Guam, American Samoa and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands .

Campbell County Statement of October 12, 2021

This news of Foster Fuel’s expansion comes as the company celebrates its 100th anniversary.

“Foster Fuels, Inc. truly appreciates Campbell County’s support for our business. As a family business that has invested in the local community for 100 years, we are very proud to continue the tradition of constant growth, through local employment, ”said Watt R. Foster, President and CEO of Foster Fuels.

“Foster Fuels is a fantastic employer dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and quality work opportunities in Campbell County. In addition, Foster Fuels and its Mission Critical team provide critical disaster support to communities around the world and the Watt Foster Family Foundation provides unprecedented scholarship opportunities for young people in our community, ”said Jon Hardie, President of the Campbell County Board of Directors. and representative of Rustburg. “Campbell County is honored and proud to have Foster Fuels head office founded and located in Brookneal, Virginia. Rustburg and Campbell County are so appreciative that Foster Fuels is expanding its business in the Rustburg area by providing additional jobs and services to families in our community.

“We are delighted to see the continued growth of Foster Fuels. They have been around for generations and continue to grow, providing hundreds of jobs for Campbell County and surrounding areas, ”Charlie Watts, representative of the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, Brookneal said Tuesday. “I would like to thank Watt Foster and his staff for continuing their efforts in Campbell County. People in this area should know that Campbell County is open for business! “

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