Fremont seniors create podcast to spread positivity

FREMONT, Mich. — A pair of twins are working to spread some positivity in their town. Fremont High Schoolers are taking it to the digital realm with a podcast titled Main Packer Podcast.

Gavin Schuler and Brennan Schuler share the same last name and date of birth.

“Which is the oldest?” ” I asked.

“Yes,” Gavin said. “By six minutes,” they both added.

The two team up in high school to bring some positivity to the world.

“COVID has hit pretty hard the last few years. So if you’re spreading positivity, that really helps,” Brennan said.

Their episodes stream on Spotify, with new episodes coming nearly once a month.

They already have four of them for you to check out.

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“With the mental health specialist, we were talking about how to help with mental health and all these other things. So it’s a way of loving and inspiring and motivating others in a way that our…in our community or other communities,” Brennan said.

The twins not only work to spread good news, but also work behind the scenes.

The experience gives them inspiration to pursue a career in digital media.

“I want to do more, like, indoor television broadcasting for my career. ‘My job?’ Yeah. That’s what I wanted to do. But it’s like the podcast is basically like a branch of that. So it’s still a part of it. It’s like I still love doing it,” Gavin said. .

The passion of students is to connect with purpose.

“I think it’s so important that we as educators have the opportunity, and we take every opportunity to communicate with the public and to communicate with our constituents, to communicate with children so that they know what’s going on,” said Fremont High School vice-principal Zach. said Lienau.

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