Home Office spends £ 100,000 on fast food and supplies for Channel migrants

HOME Office officials have spent £ 100,000 on fast food and supplies for the record-breaking migrants who crossed the Channel last year.

Over 28,000 people made the perilous journey in 2021, immigration staff spent money on Domino’s Pizza, Subway sandwiches and local take out when the Tug Haven processing center in Dover was submerged.


By far the busiest month was November, when 6,869 migrants arrived in 201 boats.Credit: PA

More than £ 50,000 has been spent on food as of May 2021, while a further £ 49,000 has been spent on clothing and sun hats for newcomers.

A record 28,381 people made the treacherous journey in 2021 – eclipsing the 8,410 who made the same treacherous journey last year.

They came in at least 1,020 boats which have been intercepted by British authorities in the past 12 months.

This means that around 78 migrants on average arrived each day in three boats.

By far the busiest month was November, with an impressive 6,869 arriving in 201 boats.

And even 67 people arrived on Christmas Day, on two boats.

Dover MP Natalie Elphicke said: “Some 28,500 migrants arrived across the Channel in 2021. It’s not just unacceptable, it’s incredibly expensive.

“These costs are only a small part of the total. Housing and other costs are much higher. It’s not fair that taxpayers foot the bill this year and for years to come by assessing claims, emergency housing and more.

“Hard-working taxpayers deserve a better deal. This money would be better spent on strengthening our borders.

“It is high time to stop the small boat crossings – by first stopping the departing boats, bringing the boats back to France and making quick returns.

“People are already safe in France, there is no reason to make this dangerous journey in the hands of smugglers.”

French President Emmanuel Macron calls for ‘more help’ from Britain in migrant crisis

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