Home Office to Offer Easier Visa Application Process for Oscar Winners

Oscar, Grammy and Nobel Prize winners will be among those who will find it easier to obtain visas to live and work in the UK under immigration reforms.

The Home Office announced the decision to speed up the process for those who win prestigious awards in the arts – including Golden Globes, Baftas, Brit Awards and Mobos – as well as science, engineering and technology.

The move is part of changes to the immigration system in the government’s attempt to attract the ‘best and brightest’ from around the world to the UK.

Home Secretary Priti Patel announced the move (Aaron Chown / PA)

Currently, the visa application process known as the “Global Talent Route” means that these individuals must receive approval from one of six organizations.

From Wednesday, the new system will allow people with a qualifying award to apply for a single visa.

Those eligible will include winners from a variety of Oscar and Tony categories and those who will win the Best International Male or Female at the Brit Awards, Best International Act at the Mobos or the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys.

The winners of the Baftas’ Best Actress, Actor or Director would also qualify, as would anyone who wins the Nobel Prize in Literature, Certain Sciences and Medicine or the Turing Prize.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “The winners of these awards have reached the peak of their careers and they have so much to offer the UK.

“These significant changes will give them the freedom to come and work in our major global arts, science, music and film industries as we build back better.

“This is exactly what our new points-based immigration system was designed to do: attract the best and the brightest based on the skills and talents they have, not where they come from.”

The qualifying price list will be regularly reviewed.

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