Improve your work-from-home experience with these desktop upgrades

Whether you work from home full-time, part-time, or use your office for home management tasks, some improvements might be needed. Creating an inviting, organized, functional and comfortable space can lead to increased productivity and overall work enjoyment. It can also reduce common office-related ailments such as back, shoulder, neck and wrist pain. You may only need a few minor changes or a plan to redesign your space!

where you sit and work

The main components of your home office are your desk and your chair. There are many styles of each, and both require thought about how best to work. Think about what you currently use or in past work situations. What worked well and what could be improved?

10 popular types of desks for your home office include styles such as writing, computer, corner, floating, executive, and standing. When choosing a desk, consider the computer equipment and supplies it will contain. Do you prefer to sit or stand while you work? Do you work best with minimal, unobstructed space or do you like to spread out your work? Keep in mind that your desk doesn’t have to be the only piece of furniture that stores everything you need! It may just be a functional workspace, and your supplies and file storage may occur in separate cabinets or shelves.

There is also a wide variety of office chairs to consider. The 14 types of office chairs for your desk list include executive, heavy-duty, ergonomic, mesh, kneeling, gaming, and active chairs. Each has a range of prices and features. If you experience back and shoulder pain while sitting at your desk, it’s worth looking into the ergonomic features of each style. Or look for one specifically designed to meet all your posture needs, such as an adjustable seat, tilt functions, lumbar support, and back/neck supports. Active chairs, including wobble or balance balls, address the health issues of sitting at your desk all day by incorporating movement. They are also useful for high-energy people who find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time.

The office atmosphere

It’s worth the time, effort and money it takes to create an inviting office that’s great to live in all day. If you work from home all day and spend most of your time in that space but dread being there, that’s not very motivating.

Some simple improvements you can make to improve the look of your office include changing your lighting, adding artwork, inspirational quotes or photography, and all the benefits of adding plants. You can also regulate temperature, smell and air quality with heaters, fans, diffusers, candles, dehumidifiers or air purifiers.

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Store all things

Office supplies can be fun to buy and can also take over without proper storage solutions. The home office also tends to be where documents for work and home end up. You can also store other office essentials like calendar events, ideas, and to-do lists.

Storage options for files, supplies, and documents include:

  • Workbooks.
  • Hanging shelves.
  • Decorative storage boxes.
  • Perforated panels.
  • Libraries with baskets.
  • Wire baskets.
  • Folders and document holders.
  • Desk accessories organizers.
  • Mobile storage centers.

Pinterest can be a useful tool for visualizing what you want your storage solutions to look like and accomplish!

Even if you’re using a digital calendar, it’s useful to have a hanging or desk calendar to jot down important dates or upcoming deadlines. A whiteboard, bulletin boards, or chalkboards can be useful for keeping to-do lists, ideas, important documents, or inspirational quotes front and center.

Maintain good health

Sitting at your desk for long periods of time can cause body pain. It can also lead to other health issues, including vascular problems, weight gain, heart disease, and even cancer. There are several ways to mitigate these risks and keep your body moving throughout the day. Keep exercise equipment like a yoga mat, treadmill, or elliptical under the desk in your office. Find a fun desk timer and set it throughout the day to remind you to get up, take a break, and get moving.

Equipment upgrades

With the rise of video calls in our daily business lives, having quality speakers and cameras has become a necessity for most home offices. Upgrades to your display may include a new, larger and better monitor or the addition of a dual monitor system. You can also consider an ergonomic keyboard, mouse, and wrist rests.

Making sure everything is charged and plugged in without creating a tangle of cords is also a useful task for your home office. Charging stations, surge protectors and cable management systems will keep everything tidy and organized.

Even a small upgrade to your home office, like adding a few plants, can make a big difference in how you feel when you walk into your space. Making sure you have all the home office equipment and features you need to be productive, healthy, and motivated might take a bit of planning and saving, but it’s a worthy goal!

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