Is this a Porsche 911 GT2 RS Customer Racecar rivaling the McLaren Senna GTR?

The test car appears to pack the bodywork of a GT2 RS (it’s hard to misunderstand these front air intakes, among others), but also comes with more aggressive aero elements. The list is, of course, dominated by the massive rear wing, which could have been lifted straight out of a 911 racing car, but there are other elements as well. We’re talking goodies like front dive planes or hood vents, which make the production GT2 RS’s NACA ducts seem tame.

As for the soundtrack of the thing, it seems to be pretty close to the vocals of Rennsport Neunelfer’s 700bhp twin-turbo flat-six.

Those of you who listen to our Neunelfer stories may remember this sound car. November 2017 apparition, when the rider also collided with Monza during a practice session reserved for Porsche. However, a few aspects of the car have undergone changes, such as the arrangement of the hood air intake.

The beast also delivers conflicting clues to its destination. On the one hand, the (seemingly) stripped-down interior would indicate that we are dealing with a race car. On the other hand, the cooperative nature of the suspension (the driver hits a lot of rough stripes) seems to be the kind of setup used on street vehicles.

And while the last time we spied on the prototype, it seemed like it was coming with the kind of deceleration soundtrack that would indicate the presence of a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) feature, we’re not sure about the decibel side. of this new experience.

Of course, there are multiple possibilities for the expected outcome of these testing efforts. On the one hand, we could envision a test bed for a new generation Porsche racing car, which would use a twin-turbo engine rather than a naturally aspirated one.

Then again, the Germans could test the hybrid powertrain for the rumored Turbo S E-Hybrid version of the next generation 911 992.

There’s also the idea of ​​Porshe building a GT2 RS-based client racing car that would rival the McLaren Senna GTR and Ferrari FXX K, but such rumors need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Until we have more details, you can check out the tester hovering over Monza vibrators in the video below.

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