“Isn’t there anyone in the Home Office who has a heart?” – EastEnders actor at risk of deportation to Jamaica after being born in London

A London-born actor with three children who has stayed at EastEnders is at risk of deportation to Jamaica, despite having only visited the country twice.

Ace Ruele Aristotle, 33, who has an actor named Ace Ruele, was born in Greenwich and raised in North West London, to Cricklewood and then to Willesden, where he now lives with his family.

Although his Jamaican mother did not have British citizenship at the time of his birth, Ace, who is currently filming for the new Marvel movie and also appeared in The Legend of Tarzan, was granted an indefinite residence permit (IRL), but it was later revoked, having received a criminal conviction in his late teens.

In 2008, the 19-year-old Ace was jailed for three years for crimes he committed after becoming involved in gangs – including a robbery with a fake gun – in which he was suddenly informed that he was in danger of being deported to Jamaica.

Ace said, “I was shocked when I found out, when it happened – when I was 21 – I was inside and they came with the deportation letter.

“My mom never knew this could happen – she knew I had to get a passport to travel, but not that I could be deported or that they could take my IRL or something like that.

“I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know about immigration law would know. You might think, you’ve been to a country, you’ve had a child there, you’re fine.

“I think my mother thought after being sorted [with citizenship], I would be sorted too. “

Ace said that in his teenage years he was ” a cheerful, goofy type of guy “who got a lot of attention from the girls, which he says led to him being a victim in his area.

Ace Ruele with his three sons, with whom he lives in Willesden

He said: “Before I got into all gang life and everything else, I was just a guy who liked to dance – dance and get attention –I was getting attention, and especially women, some guys didn’t like it, and I got robbed, I got jumped, stuff like that.

“You have one experience and another experience, and it’s like… if I don’t become this type of guy, this bad macho guy, then I’m going to continue to be a victim – and that’s why I fell this path. “

Ace spent five months in a migrant detention center after being released from prison, but managed to avoid deportation at the last minute, after successfully challenging the court ruling.

In addition to pursuing a successful acting career, Ace has worked with Met Police, the Mayor’s Office of London, schools and charities to tackle youth violence since his release from prison.

But despite the actor’s efforts to change his life, in 2015 he received a new notice withdraw his indefinite leave into a limited leave and Following another court ruling in 2016, Ace now has to pay £ 2,389 every 30 months to renew his limited leave.

Ace said: “I basically pay to work in the country. I basically pay extra money every 30 months – it’s like an extra tax – to work in the country where I was born.”

Ace also received letters from the Home Office warning him to return to Jamaica or face deportation.

He said, “In my mind, it was like … you left me alone for two and a half, three years. I didn’t cause any crime, I didn’t do anything – plus I’m born and raised here, so why are you trying to take my leave indefinitely?

Ace filming at Centroid Motion Picture Studios

“I worked, I had a family, I was born and raised here, I worked with the Met Police, the London mayor’s office, to help tackle youth violence. .. so why are you bothering me? I never understood why. “

Ace added, “You just sometimes think to yourself, ‘Isn’t there anyone in the Home Office with a heart?'”

In 2015, the actor wrote a letter to the Home Office suggesting that institutional racism within the government was affecting his results, which the Home Office used as part of the grounds for removing his IRL, although Ace did not use it as a defense in his appeal.

The court said observation[traduction]”Undermined any suggestion that the appellant had come to terms with his offense and was taking steps to ensure it did not happen again.”

Ace has said that when he receives a letter from the Home Office it will “wake up his mind,” but he tries not to dwell on the possibility of his deportation from the country.

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He said: ” I have boys to raise, I don’t have time to sit on it and dwell on it.

“Everything I go through – yes, it’s a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the people of Palestine. Someone out there living worse and would like to have my life right now.

“There are so many things to be thankful for, I can still work, I don’t have to work illegally – I just can’t travel, okay I have to pay those two thousand five hundred every 30 months but I’ll make it find a way to go back, multiply by 10, multiply by 20.

“I live the” learn from experience, don’t let the experience take you “philosophy.

“Things could take the shape of a pear, but I don’t know the future …if the worst happens, I’ll adapt and learn from it – it’s healthier for me, so let me do what’s healthier for me. “

Ace is known to the Home Office as Ace Kentake, which is his mother’s married surname.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: “Mr Kentake’s unlimited residence permit has been revoked due to criminality.

“He was then granted limited leave which allows him to stay and work in the UK.

“It is incorrect to say that he is in danger of being deported.”

When My London responded to clarify whether Ace would face deportation if he could not pay the fee, the same spokesperson said: “Mr. Kentake would have to pay the fee or he would be considered surplus, rather than as a person threatened with deportation. “

According to UK immigration law firm Richmond Chambers, “too long” in the UK is a criminal offense.

Their website States : “Without leave in the UK you have no right to study or work and you risk being fired.

“You are also exposed to the UK’s ‘harsh environment’ for people exceeding the lifespan, which means restrictions on the ability to rent accommodation, open a bank account, drive and to access medical treatment. “

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