Italian competition watchdog fines Apple, Amazon $ 225 million

Italy’s antitrust watchdog fined Apple and Amazon over 200 million euros, or $ 225 million, for cooperating to restrict competition in the sale of Apple and Beats branded products

The watchdog slapped Apple with a fine of 134.5 million euros ($ 151.32 million) and Amazon with a fine of 68.7 million euros ($ 77.29 million). He also ordered them to end the restrictions and give dealers “non-discriminatory” access.

Apple and Amazon have both said they will appeal.

“The proposed fine is disproportionate and unjustified,” Amazon said. “We reject the CIA’s suggestion that Amazon would benefit from excluding sellers from our store because our business model is built on their success.”

Apple said it respects the Italian Competition Authority “but thinks we haven’t done anything wrong”.

Teaming up with selected resellers helps keep customers safe because it ensures products are genuine, Apple said.

“Non-genuine products provide an inferior experience and can often be dangerous,” Apple said. “To ensure our customers are buying genuine products, we work closely with our reseller partners and have dedicated teams of experts around the world who work with law enforcement, customs and traders to ensure that only genuine Apple products are sold.

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