ITV strikes deal to use Boots and Tesco retail media data to target adverts

UK broadcaster ITV has signed a landmark deal with new retail media groups Tesco and Boots to improve the targeting and measurement of its ITVX platform.

ITVX is getting a suite of new ad products

The new service is called “Matchmaker” and is a cookieless solution that connects to adtech data technology company InfoSum. The technology works by matching ITV’s existing first-party data collected through registrations with Tesco’s Clubcard and Boots’ Advantage Card databases.

The integration will allow advertisers using Boots and Tesco’s retail media offerings to better target ITV audiences and then measure the increase in sales among those who have seen an advertisement.

Tesco and Boots are the first to partner with the broadcaster, but with a European retail media market worth an estimated $8.5 billion, according to IAB Europe, further deals are likely.

Retail media is booming as online customer data dwindles. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) estimates that globally it will grow 25% annually over the next five years to reach $100 billion and account for more than 25% of total digital media spending by 2026.

The partnerships are part of a series of ad product announcements from ITV’s AdLabs department unveiled at its annual Palooza event. While ITVX will include an ad-free option for £5.99 per month, ITV is positioning its streamer as an advertiser video on demand (AVOD) platform.

ITV’s self-service advanced programmatic platform, Planet V, is getting an upgrade. Planet V 2.0 is presented as an improved version, providing buyers with additional functions and solutions for conducting campaigns. The Planet V redesign was developed based on user feedback and is currently in beta testing.

AdLabs has also created a new free measurement tool called “Share of Voice by ITV”, powered by TV scheduling company Adalyser. The solution allows brands to see how their performance compares to that of their competitors in the market.

‘Share of Voice by ITV’ brings together minute-by-minute data from Barb, Clearcast and Nielsen on one platform and allows advertisers to dig into audience data and competitor profiles.

All new advertising products are rolling out for the launch of ITV’s AVOD ITVX streamer, which will be released on December 8. At launch, ITVX’s advertising load will be similar to that of ITV Hub with pre-rolls and mid-rolls; however, ITV said it was consulting with a group of 100 industry executives to explore new formats and times for 2023.

This industry steering group is currently exploring 14 new advertising concepts, including FAST channel partnerships, dynamic buyable A/B testing and playback control.

The ad product announcement follows the ITV brand refresh, which aims to blur the lines between linear and digital.

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