Live Updates: Forbes Floods Rise Faster Than Expected, Lavrov Hospital ‘Control’, John Aniston Death

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By Peta Fuller

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Forbes ‘shocked’ as city hit by flooding for second time this month

Mayor of Forbes Phyllis Miller told ABC’s News Breakfast that the feeling on the ground was one of disbelief, as the city had already been hit just days ago:

“I think they are quite shocked…I think they can’t believe this can arrive twice in so little time. But they’re resilient, they’re all working, everyone got in yesterday.”

She said they needed people on the ground today, after sending people to base camp in Parkes to help with flooding elsewhere:

“I hope today is brighter and we will have some ground boots. We need our own people in Forbes in the next few days, not in Parkeswe need them here at Forbes working with us as a team.”

Phyllis Miller(ABC News)

By Peta Fuller

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Amazon plans massive layoffs

Amazon will reduce 10,000 people corporate and tech roles starting this week – and that would be his biggest cut yet.

The cuts, reported earlier by the New York Timeswould represent approximately 3 percent Amazon corporate staff.

A person familiar with the matter said Reuters the exact number may vary as Amazon businesses review their priorities,

He comes as the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos revealed that he would give away much of his wealth over his lifetime (estimated at around $185.2 billion).

By Peta Fuller

Biden: China does not foresee imminent invasion of Taiwan

It will be by Anthony Albanese turn to talk to the chinese president Xi Jinping this afternoon, but the first was Joe Biden.

After three hours of talks, the American president played down fears of a new cold war with China.

Mr Biden says he does not believe China is planning an imminent invasion of Taiwan – and Mr. Xi said the nation was the “first red line” in relations with the United States.

Mr Biden said after the talks: “That we will defend American interests and values, promote universal human rights and uphold the international order and work closely with our allies and partners.

We will compete vigorously. But I’m not looking for conflict, I’m looking to manage this competition responsibly.”

Xi and Biden shake hands.
(Reuters: Kevin Lamarque)

By Peta Fuller

The important event

One thing to know now: NSW town must evacuate as river rises ‘faster than expected’

The people of the central city of NSW Forbes they are told to move to higher ground within the hour due to the risk of flooding:

The Lachlan River should now touch 10.8m by late tomorrow – here’s the ABC Marc Tobin:

“Overnight the weather bureau updated their forecast – it now says the Lachlan River is now likely to exceed major flood level of 10.55m early this morning – this is earlier than the previous warning.

Andrew Edmonds of SES says people have to move around 7am.”

By Peta Fuller

News Australia is looking for

  • Kevin Costner: I bet this one is all because Yellowstoneseason 5 has been premiered (it’s on Stan in Australia). But he might be fashionable after talking politics in a Interview with USA Today (and no, he *doesn’t* want to run for anything): “I wish the people who showed up had a bigger picture and more of a moral about how they see the country moving forward. I’m disappointed.”

By Peta Fuller

More news while you slept: Russia’s Lavrov checked into hospital for ‘checkup’ ahead of G20

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visited and then left a hospital in Bali ahead of the G20 summit being held on the island, Indonesian authorities said on Monday.

Governor of Bali I Wayan Koster said it was for a “checkup”:

“He left the hospital after a brief examination and his health is in good condition.”

Russia has denied being hospitalized, a spokesperson calling it “the highest level of counterfeits.”

Sergei Lavrov.(AP: Heng Sinith/File)

By Peta Fuller

The important event

One more thing: John Aniston has died at 89

The soap opera’s Emmy-winning star days of our lives (and dad to Jennifer Aniston) is dead.

She writes in tribute:

“Sweet Dad…You were one of the most beautiful humans I’ve ever known. I’m so grateful that you soared to the heavens in peace – and without pain.”

He was best known for playing Victor Kiriakis on soap (a former drug baron who went on to found a huge company), but you may have seen him in The west wing and Gilmore girls.

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