Local owners are puzzled by recent Amazon package delivered to a garage

A strange delivery from Amazon put a family on edge after they said private information was provided to the Amazon driver.

Tammy Risher receives Amazon packages all the time, but this time the package has been placed in an unexpected place.

Tammy was taking a nap on the sofa before work when she heard the garage door open.

“It was pretty scary, really scary. He just put me in the middle of me and my husband, ”said Risher.

Waiting for no one, her husband went out to meet an unexpected guest.

“He met the Amazon guy at our security post at the garage door. He put our security code to close the garage door after leaving the packages at the garage door, ”she said.

Tammy said they never entered their garage code on Amazon but for some reason the delivery guy was able to show her the code on his tablet.

“The Amazon representative told him that they also don’t have a record of this security code in our account, so we’re puzzled. We would never give out that security code, ”she said.

Amazon recently launched a new feature called “ amazon key ” which allows delivery drivers to place your package in your garage.

Tammy says she has an Amazon Alexa, but she can’t remember saying the key out loud for the device to retrieve the code.

“It is essential that you pay attention to the information you provided when you first set up your apps, accounts or that sort of thing,” she said.

News 9 has contacted Amazon about the incident and has not received a response.

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