Making the most of how social media is used in business

Social media follows the rule that there is constant change all the time and the only constant is the desire of the social media community to connect. The audience inhabiting the world of social media is more assertive and confident. As a businessman, you’re there on social media to help people get what they want, without you telling them what they want. This is how social media is used in business.

Social media allows big business to think small on a big scale. With more than half of the world’s population on the internet, connecting with friends to catch up on a product is as easy as clicking a button. The same goes for the ease of doing business, and companies like Amazon have proven that by going from zero to the number one Internet company in a quarter of a century.

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It is evident that the power of social media to do business cannot be ignored considering the penetration. The extensive reach of social media is an undeniable asset for businesses, especially in commercial industries, where it becomes vital to engage with people at scale and persuade them.

Older generation print and electronic media like radio and television will disappear and focus on how social media is used in business and commerce.

Focus on how social media is used in business

Major social media platforms are the most visited websites in the world and only the ubiquitous search engine, Google is ahead of them. Facebook comes second, followed by video-sharing platform, YouTube.

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The numbers are staggering and show that over 4 billion active internet visitors visit social media platforms every day.

With more time spent on social media, products and brands have turned to how social media is used in business and are desperate to grab a fraction of the eyeballs. Facebook alone has 60 million pages and brands are realizing the power it has over its followers.

It has been revealed that when a brand posts on a Facebook page, it reaches about 11% more people than even the total number of followers. A significant number of Facebook visitors engage with it in one way or another, either by watching videos, reading the status, clicking on links or liking posts. The same goes for other social media platforms.

The same goes for Twitter. It has been seen that more people come to Twitter to find something new and interesting. This platform is 5 times more likely to bring new videos to users than other platforms.

Users’ intent to discover something new, along with Twitter’s design to deliver discoveries, leads to greater awareness and brand recall, which ultimately translates into purchase.

How social media is used in business through brand development and increased sales

The power of social media platforms to influence buying decisions is steadily increasing every day. More than their websites, companies have found that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms have more influence on sales.

It is wrong to assume that people are only looking for brands they know when searching social media platforms. Over 83% of Instagram users said they discovered new products on the social media platform.

Companies that ran campaigns on social media platforms reported an immediate increase in brand recall and influence, with some companies reporting a 15-20 point increase in ad recall.

Giving a human face to campaigns

The biggest benefit of how social media is used in a business is greater human connection. The platforms allow you to interact intimately with your potential customers. It allows you to introduce your company and its employees to your followers and showcase your products by giving examples of how current customers have used it and given their feedback.

You can show how your products work in real-world situations and how your company embraces its brand values.

People look to brands to build trust through information and knowledge. And social media is the best place to make it clear to its intimate and personal nature.

You could establish and strengthen your brand and business as a thought leader for your industry, where people go to seek information and ideas because they trust you.

How social media is being used in business despite greater brand recall

With 70% of internet users logging into their social media account every day and 49% logging in multiple times a day, businesses have the opportunity to interact with potential customers more than once a day.

By keeping the posts original and captivating, people will be attracted whenever a new offer hits the net. This helps in brand recall and greatly influences purchasing decisions.

Social media platforms also drive traffic directly to your site. Sharing more content on your website or blog on social media platforms directs traffic to your site.

Some companies also use teasers in their social media feed and encourage users to log into their site and access the full article via the link.

Another way to generate interest in your brand is to participate in social chats.

Get leads and increase sales

Social media offers an easy, low-engagement method for potential customers to show interest in your products. Basic lead generation is increasing dramatically and formats are designed specifically to generate leads.

A simple format allows users to learn more about a company with just a few clicks.

These leads give more entries into your sales funnel, ultimately resulting in sales.

Use of social media for communication

Being on social media platforms allows you to react immediately to a review of your business. You can select posts that are relevant to your business and highlight the positives while addressing negative comments immediately before they become a major issue.

Addressing customer grievances immediately gives your business a positive image, and there are bound to be negative customer experiences that, when handled correctly, can lead to lifetime customer loyalty.

Gain insight through a social media presence

Having a regular presence on social media gives you access to relevant data that can help you make future business decisions. You have access to several demographic data that help you refine your future media strategies.

Social media monitoring is essential to gauge audience engagement. It also gives you vital information about your brand. You learn both how many people are talking about your brand, the audience profile, and their actual opinion of your brand.

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