Malvern author Ann Merivale in Amazon’s top 10 with book

It may have taken 82 years, but the wait has surely been worth it, as Ann Merivale, who lives at Audley Ellerslie retirement village in Malvern, has suddenly found herself a ‘hot hit’.

To be exact, it’s not the author Ann, but the semi-autobiographical book she wrote titled Woman Through the Ages. Even so, any entry in Amazon’s Top Ten “Hot New Releases for Women in History” deserves a round of applause.

Ann is a devotee of the late American seer Edgar Cayce, who believed in reincarnation and that people have more than one life on Earth, and she explained, “This book is not only quite different from my previous seven books, but also probably different from all the others. book never written.

“The reason for this is that my own story is intertwined with the stories of many women who have been unfairly overlooked throughout history solely because of their gender, as well as several others who are famous today.”

Ann Merivale’s story began in a house just outside Leeds in 1940, but the family later moved south and she graduated in French and Spanish at Bristol University in 1962 .

After training as a secretary, Ann worked in London in recruitment before joining a charity in Geneva. A December 1990 family trip to Ghana and Sierra Leone inspired an article for the Hull-Freetown Twinning newspaper and when a therapist friend read it, he suggested she write a book.

Her first book was published in 2006 and was gradually followed by six others, all aimed at helping people the way she had been helped.

Of Woman Through the Ages, Ann said: “The book grew out of what I now consider the great gift of being rejected at birth by my father, who, having himself been the eldest son of eldest son of an eldest son, expected me to follow this Merivale masculine tradition.

“He then did a tremendously successful job of brainwashing me into thinking I was ‘no good at all, or at anything’. Even getting a good degree in French and Spanish failed to remove from my mind the belief that I was stupid.

“If the word ‘gift’ sounds strange, let me explain. First of all, excellent therapy of different kinds helped me to increase my self-confidence. Second, in 1991, I heard a lecture about the famous Christian Edgar Cayce, who had come to believe in reincarnation.

Cayce was known as “the sleeping prophet” because he had, while in a trance, not only prophesied the two world wars, as well as the date of the first landing on the moon, but also healed countless people from problems that had overcome their doctors.

Ann added: “This lecture, along with many other readings, led me to discover that the Catholic Church of my upbringing had been mistaken that we each had only one life on Earth.

“After that, through my membership in the Edgar Cayce Association, I myself obtained a reading of past lives from the clairvoyant Aron Abrahamsen, a former associate of Cayce.

“He not only told me about five past lives that all rang very true to me, but he also said that I had ‘came this time partly as a writer…’ – a huge surprise for a “stupid child” before!

“After starting a book aimed at showing how part of my past influenced the present, I had the privilege of training in Deep Memory Process therapy (otherwise known as Past Life Regression) with the late psychotherapist Jungian, Dr. Roger Woolger.

“Practicing this therapy is extremely rewarding because it allows so many people to be permanently healed – just as I had been myself – of what previously seemed to be intractable problems, physical or emotional. And that the whether or not you believe that what you see in a regression that actually happened is irrelevant, since the sole purpose of therapy is to heal for the present.

That’s where Ann is now, among Amazon’s top ten new releases.

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