Nicetown window treatments are on sale on Amazon, today only

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That’s right; they’ll also make a great backdrop for your holiday decor! (Photo: Amazon)

Nothing makes an immediate difference to a living space as quickly as a new window treatment. Maybe it makes the room darker, maybe it’s lighter, maybe it just adds a much-needed splash of color. You might also be looking for new curtains or drapes because you now work nights and need your bedroom to be very dark during the day so you can sleep a blind eye for eight hours; or, perhaps, you have a sick family member who needs all the calm and rest they can get.

Well, today only, Amazon has a ton of deals on Nicetown drapes and curtains. Short and long, dark black, dazzling white and a rainbow of colors in between. Whether you’re looking to let the sun in or make the world disappear, there’s something for everyone.

If you have Amazon Prime, you will of course benefit from free delivery. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your 30 day free trial here. (And by the way, those who don’t have one First always get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

Here’s a sample of what’s on offer. Take a good look, but don’t delay – the sale ends at midnight!

Totally blackout green curtains (Photo: Amazon)

Maybe you work nights, maybe you just like to “go to bed” once in a while. Meet your new best friend. (Photo: Amazon)

When the Nicetown people call it 100% blackout blinds, they are not joking. That’s because they feature a solid black lining to ensure your bedroom stays nice and dark, your sleep perfectly peaceful. Perhaps most importantly: they’re also thermally insulating, meaning they’ll keep the winter cold out of your bedroom snug and allow you to take a summer nap on the hottest of summer afternoons. Translation: Big savings on your heating and cooling bills. Available in 23 different colors, all with a 20% discount, today only.

$39 $48 at amazon

White curtains (Photo: Amazon)

The days are getting longer, it’s time to let the sun in! (Photo: Amazon)

Spring is coming, a time when we all turn to the light, so to speak. When it comes to window treatments, nothing says “classic simplicity” like these White Sheer Linen Curtains and Drapes. There are 15 different varieties on offer, with widths ranging from 42″ to 66″ and lengths from 45″ to 95″, so there’s a size for just about any room you’d like to brighten up. Here’s something else to brighten the mood: you can pick up a pair for as low as $17.

$17 $23 at Amazon

Gray room divider curtain.  (Photo: Amazon)

The room: divided. Your mental health: multiplied. (Photo: Amazon)

Here is a more specialized article, but one that could be invaluable in preserving your sanity. Maybe you are sharing a small apartment and need to split one bedroom into two? maybe your loved one likes to stay up late in front of their laptop, maybe you’re just tired of having to watch your roommate all the time. This single leaf curtain, made of blackout triple-weave polyester, is insulating enough to give you the blessed illusion that you live alone. There are a number of sizes on offer, some large enough to completely cover a sliding glass door, but today’s sale is for the 8.3’×7′ variant – almost 30% off.

$20 $28 at Amazon

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