No Way Home fan response is better than box office success, says Holland

Spider-Man: No Way Home made tons of money, but more than anything, star Tom Holland was grateful for the responses from fans.

Enthusiastic fans respond to Spider-Man: No Coming Home means more to Tom Holland than his huge box office tally. Even before his arrival in December, Spider-Man: No Coming Home was shaping up to be one of the web-slinger’s biggest movies to date. The very anticipation of the trailer has dominated the internet, and rumors of the film’s various cameos have only swelled the conversation online. No coming home, which finds Holland’s Peter Parker struggling with the multiverse after a spell gone wrong, brings back several actors from past Spider-Man franchises, the most notable being Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.


Spider-Man: No Coming Home could have easily ended up being a disappointment, but the exact opposite happened. The film arrived in theaters to rave reviews and, for a time, the Oscars did the talking. It became a box office hit within days, earning the second-biggest opening weekend of all time en route to its current worldwide total of $1.7 billion. In addition to all that, Spider-Man: No Coming Home earned praise from fans, who appreciated the many callbacks to previous films and its groundbreaking ending.

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For Holland, it is this end result that matters most to him. In a recent interview with the BBC Zoe Ball Breakfast Show (Going through, Holland spoke of No coming homeis a huge success. He said that even during the filming of the film, it was clear that something special was going on, but that could hardly take into account how it feels now that the film is out. Holland said it was the reception from the fans that touched him the most, explaining:

“It was a really interesting time. While we were making the movie, we were all pretty confident that we had something really special in our hands, but I don’t think we could have ever known it would be as special as it was. Take the box office out of the equation, the thing I’m happiest about and also proudest of is how well the film was received by fans. who watch the movie in theaters when Andrew shows up and when Tobey shows up, and feeling that kind of nostalgic energy going through three different generations of cinema, has been very rewarding and an amazing thing to be a part of.”

Three Spider-Men posed in formation during the final battle in Spider-Man No Way Home

More than anything, No coming home is a love letter to longtime Spider-Man fans. Between the links that go back to Sam Raimi’s trilogy and the evolution of the Dutch bow, No coming home has something to offer every generation. It’s clear that a lot of affection went into the film, and for Holland to see that affection reflected in the fan reactions must be an incredible feeling. No coming home was done during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, which likely made the whole experience more challenging than normal. To be rewarded in this way, it must be worth it.

The enthusiastic responses to Spider-Man: No Coming Home mainly revolved around the returns of Maguire and Garfield, which, despite being leaked well in advance, turned out to be delightful surprises. As Holland said, the fan reactions at the screenings show just how memorable the moment really was. The theater experience has struggled throughout the pandemic, but No coming home showed that there is nothing more magical than watching a great movie on the big screen. It’s nice to hear that Holland is aware and appreciates the importance of this moment. After all that hard work, he deserves it.

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