Oklahoma Attorney General Joins Investigation into Alleged Harmful Effects of Instagram on Teens

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Attorney General has joined a nationwide investigation into Meta platforms, formerly known as Facebook, and one of its platform’s impacts on young people users.

“It will be a little challenge,” said Patrick Allmond, owner of Focus Digital Media. “What we need to take away from these social media companies is that they don’t provide any of the issues online. They just connect us.

Attorney General John O’Connor signed an inquiry into the impact of Instagram on children on Friday. Several attorneys general have already signed, accusing Meta of violating state consumer protection laws and endangering the public.

“What we need to take away from these social media companies is that they don’t provide any of the issues online. They just connect us, ”Allmond said. “Facebook, through the use of social media, could put young people at risk just by connecting them all. “

The group accuses the company of using techniques to keep kids addicted, increasing how much and how often they open the app.

Allmond said you have to remember that the business makes its money from advertising. It attracts people by connecting like-minded users and rewarding content creators who retain users.

“He knows our interests and viewing habits better than we do,” the social media expert said. “I think with enough protection everything would be fine. With a lot of validation from the parents it would be fine, but it’s still a very dangerous area right now.

The AG’s office said that “Facebook and Instagram’s own internal research shows that Instagram use is associated with increased risks of harm to the physical and mental health of young people, including depression, food and even suicide. “

“If there are things that trigger me or trigger you about our mental health, our self-image or our self-esteem, or our ego, when we go to social media, we’re going to see things that make the situation worse. Said Allmond. “I think a lot of times we just need to do a better job as a society and as parents to make sure our kids know what’s good online and what isn’t online.”

AG O’Connor added that his team is dedicated to protecting children from the harmful effects of social media.

KFOR contacted the attorney general’s office, but was told that no one was available to speak.

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