On WFH for Twitter employees, Elon Musk says ‘staying home is fine’ if…

Just days after it was announced that Elon Musk had ended Twitter’s work-from-home policy, the social networking platform’s new boss clarified work-from-home policies on Sunday. In response to a report tweeted by an unverified account that read, “Billionaire businessman has ordered his Irish workforce to return to Dublin by November 14″, Elon Musk wrote: ” That’s not true. Anyone who can be in office should be. However, if that’s not logistically possible or if they have essential personal belongings, then staying home is fine. Musk said that Twitter employees will follow the same policy as Tesla and SpaceX.

“Working remotely is also acceptable if their manager vouchs for excellence,” he added.

Last week, reports claimed that Elon Musk had abandoned Twitter’s work-from-home policy and ordered his staff back to the office. He reportedly told Twitter employees that working from home would no longer be allowed except in special circumstances, with those cases personally reviewed by Musk. “Remote work is no longer allowed, unless specific exceptions are made. Managers will send me lists of exceptions for review and approval,” the tech billionaire reportedly wrote in an email to employees that The Guardian Network UK-based news outlet, claimed to have seen.

Twitter also removed nearly 3,700 people this month from email to cut costs after the Musk acquisition, which closed in late October. “When it comes to reducing the strength of Twitter, unfortunately there is no other choice when the company is losing over $4 million a day,” Musk tweeted Nov. 5 about the layoffs. .

Meanwhile, as a social media platform, Twitter has already rolled out and rolled back several features within days, including the $8 verified account via Twitter Blue, the second “official” verification label, and more. It is debated that the acquisition of Musk could plunge the social network into deeper problems.

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