Patel says she felt ‘uncomfortable’ entering the Home Office

Minister of the Interior Priti Patel (Getty Images).

By: Sattwik Biswal

THE Home Secretary revealed that she felt “uncomfortable” to enter the Interior Ministry as Minister for Ethnic Minorities and vowed to eradicate the “binary” culture of the ministry. .

Shortly before his appointment as Home Secretary in July 2019, a damning investigation into the Windrush scandal found evidence of “institutional racism” at headquarters. Priti Patel has “defied the culture” since then.

Patel said several departments in Whitehall had become “institutionalized” in their “thinking and working methods.” She added that many departments had become “binary” and “siled”.

His ministry is in the process of implementing the recommendations of Windrush’s “lessons learned review”.

The Windrush Report also said race played a role in wrongdoing and that the shortcomings were “consistent with certain elements of the definition of institutional racism.” An earlier version of the report concluded that the Home Office was “institutionally racist”.

Patel, appearing before the House of Lords Committee on Justice and Home Affairs, she promised reforms.

Describing his experience as Britain’s first ethnic minority home minister, Patel said: “If I think of Windrush, I obviously entered a department just as the lessons learned report was due to come out. .

“Frankly, I have my own opinions, I’m an interior minister from an ethnic minority entering a department where he didn’t feel so comfortable.”

It would be “a long, long road,” she told the committee, which began by “simply understanding, recognizing and respecting” different cultures.

“Now it’s easy for me to say that – look at how ethnically diverse I am, I’m an internationalist, I was raised like that and it speaks of my personal values, my own family background, but you You can still see in government – big, big departments across government – you are getting very binary in your thinking, very siled. Absolutely, I got into it all, completely.

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