PM appoints ex-PTI member as digital media focal point


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has appointed expelled former PTI Information Secretary Ahmad Jawad as his media and digital technology focal point to lead the battle of narratives and counter the PTI on social media, a- he revealed on Friday.

The Prime Minister’s decision to appoint Jawad, who is known for launching a merciless tirade against senior PTI leaders, including former Prime Minister Imran Khan on social media, reflects the importance he places on the fighting the battle of narratives through social networks. .

“Go defiantly counteract the negative narratives perpetuated for decades, prepare PTI fans, now I step into the arena with the power of truth and faith to defeat the narrative of lies, hate and evil. ‘hypocrisy,’ Jawad tweeted while sharing his nomination letter and expressing gratitude for PML-N’s leadership.

In addition to holding public rallies, ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan is often seen investing a lot of time in social media, building a narrative through interviews, podcasts, Twitter Space and other social media platforms and meet social media influencers. This helped PTI gain a massive social media following when other parties were busy countering PTI’s narrative only through mainstream media.

Using social media to tell a story or spread the word has become a hallmark of PTI when other parties are busy learning the ropes regarding their ability to develop media strategies and counter naysayers.

Apparently sensing the situation and in order to counter PTI’s narrative, Prime Minister Shehbaz chose Jawad as the focal point on digital media and technologies and ordered all concerned to give him their full support in carrying out his his official duties.

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In February, Jawad joined the PML-N after visiting the then opposition leader in the National Assembly and incumbent prime minister at his residence in Model Town. PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal revealed the news in a tweet, alleging ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan had ‘deceived’ thousands of people like Jawad who were ‘trapped’ by his Naya Pakistan slogan. .

Prior to this, the PTI expelled Jawad for his tirade against Imran and other PTI leaders and served him with a show cause notice, ordering him to explain his position, which he failed to do. The PTI said Jawad could have used another party forum to air his resentment, but “he used social media to slander the party and cause serious damage.”

“The sub-committee has unanimously decided to remove Ahmad Jawad’s party membership from the register of party members,” read the statement from the PTI’s Standing Committee on Accountability and Discipline (SCAD).

In response to the decision, Jawad, in a series of tweets, harshly criticized the policies of the then ruling party and also raised questions about the regularization of Imran’s properties. In one of his tweets, Jawad called SCAD’s decision “a piece of paper worth no more than a piece of shit.”

Moreover, he had stated that the PTI had turned into a “house of garbage” after it started as an ideology of change. “A deception that has wasted two decades of this nation,” he added, saying that you could walk the hardest path with your eyes open, but you would fall on a flat path with your eyes closed.

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