Prince Harry’s case against Home Office over security moved forward

A few hearings have already taken place on Harry’s legal challenge, including earlier this month and in February, when Harry’s lawyer said in a statement: “Duke does not feel safe while in the UK given the security measures that were applied to him in June 2021 and will continue to apply if he decides to return, it goes without saying that he wants to return to see his family and friends and continue to support charities so dear to his heart. This is and always will be his home.”

Days earlier, a court filing said the UK Home Office planned to oppose Harry’s challenge, saying Harry ‘failed to take the necessary steps of respect towards the Home Office and RAVEC as an expert and democratically accountable decision-maker on matters of protective security and the assessment of associated risks.”

According to the filing, the Home Office argued that Harry’s offer to pay privately for police security was “irrelevant”, adding that “personal protective security by the police is not not available on a privately funded basis”.

In a statement released last January, Harry’s legal representative said the Duke “inherited a security risk at birth, for life” and that in recent years “his family has been subjected to threats well-documented neo-Nazis and extremists”.

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