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Publicis Media has launched a programmatic marketplace that allows brands to reach underrepresented communities and advertise to inclusive publishers.

Diverse & Inclusive Media Exchange (DIME) will be available to customers of media agencies Spark Foundry (where the service is managed), Zenith and Starcom.

It will offer advertisers two services programmatically via the Publicis Inventory Exchange (PIE). The first provides access to the inventory of publishers who target underrepresented communities. Publicis Media partners with global diversity media network Brand Advance to help advertisers connect with over 500 publishers who produce content for different underrepresented groups, including ethnic groups, the LGBT+ community, youth, older audiences, people with disabilities, those of different religious beliefs etc.

The second part of DIME uses existing relationships with publisher partners, initially with the Guardian Media Group and Reach, to match brands with inventory that adheres to an inclusive set of values. Essentially, it’s about avoiding content that labels different communities and underrepresented groups with negative stereotypes.

Publicis Media has partnered with journalism and technology credibility tool, NewsGuard, to help verify “responsible journalism”.

Azad Ali, Performance Insights Manager of Spark Foundry, said Countryside DIME’s goal is to help brands connect with underrepresented communities throughout the year, rather than at specific times on the cultural calendar, such as Pride, Chinese New Year or Ramadan.

“Brands have become more aware of the opportunities to reach underrepresented communities and create meaningful, authentic dialogue throughout the year,” he said.

“Brands have been able to engage with communities at certain times of the year, but what was missing was being able to target audiences with an always-on approach. This reinforces the authenticity of media plans and will resonate much more with these communities.

In addition to customer demand, the creation of more inclusive media buying was driven internally by public media staff.

“The marketplace will allow us to identify publishers and networks that can reach a wider part of society in a responsible and inclusive way,” he added. “Initially the goal is to get digital content right, but over time we’d like to make sure that buying media in an inclusive and responsible way is as easy as possible, regardless of the channel. media.”

Sue Frogley, Managing Director of Publicis Media, said: “We aim to constantly evolve our tools and solutions to ensure we reach the right people at the right time and don’t exclude those who can be valuable audiences. . With this new marketplace, we are moving away from blocking audiences to delivering more inclusive content to our customers than ever before. »

NewsGuard co-chief executive Steven Brill said DIME would help “make advertising a true force for good by supporting high-quality news publishers serving underrepresented communities.”

“These diverse publishers are disproportionately harmed by keyword blocking, so this move to include these sites in programmatic advertising campaigns will make a big difference in supporting important journalism that is in dire need of revenue,” he said. he adds.

Publicis Media should begin implementing client campaigns using the Marketplace in the coming months.

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