Razer CEO says next-gen laptops will see price hikes

The global pandemic and the chip shortage have caused the prices of gaming PC technology to rise quite sharply. So far, this has mainly affected the price of desktop parts. Graphics cards have been hit particularly hard with prices exceeding double the recommended retail prices in Europe. This means that in today’s market, sometimes a good gaming laptop is a much better deal than a PC. But it looks like that will change.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan posted on Twitter on the rising costs of PC components. He speculates that next-generation gaming laptops are going to see a price increase, and specifically mentions the Razer’s Blade gaming laptop line as prone to inflation.

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Razer Blade laptops, while good enough for gaming, often aren’t the best bang for the buck. Their beautiful slim builds and capable interiors often put them in the more expensive realm, not to mention this chic gamer brand. We often like them in our reviews, but don’t necessarily recommend them on a budget. Usually, if you are looking for one of these laptops, you have already decided to pay extra, but it might become more and more important.

Hopefully, we’ll see some solutions to the chip shortage sooner than expected, and those massive price hikes won’t be too much of a problem. The CEO of Nvidia also doesn’t see the end of the chip shortage anytime soon, while AMD has been more optimistic. It’s still good to see a CEO speak candidly about the reality of rising prices when it comes to their own products. It could also be a good warning to pick up a gaming laptop sooner rather than wait for the next generation to fall.

There are still some great gaming laptop deals going on while there is still a surplus in Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales. While it’s still in stock, you can pick up this Razer Blade 15 for $ 800 off, which just might be the cheapest we’ve seen this series in a while.

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