RGB hues bathe the retro Beatles-themed Apple platform in an otherworldly light [Setups]

Sometimes you can’t help but take a holistic approach to setting up a computer, considering the whole room. That’s what happens when the user turns their home office into a veritable museum like the one that surrounds the current MacBook Pro setup.

Three themes set it apart: The Beatles, the variety of RGB lighting, and the concrete blocks supporting the Ikea counter and the retro Thunderbolt screens sitting on it.

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RGB lighting bathes retro Thunderbolt displays on cinder blocks in otherworldly hues

Redditor Real-Apartment-1130 (“Rapt”) featured the cinderblock workstation in an article titled “Retro Mac Setup”. He uses a 2017 MacBook Pro with not one, not two but Three 27-inch Thunderbolt displays of yesteryear.

The LED-backlit monitors can achieve a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and feature an integrated MagSafe connector that charges a Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Apple wanted the display to be the “ultimate docking station” for a Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook. You can connect a cable and use the FaceTime HD camera built into the display, microphone, 2.1 speakers (49 watts), three USB 2.0 ports, Firewire “800” port, Gigabit Ethernet port and Thunderbolt port .

3 types of RGB lighting

The home office doesn’t seem to get any natural light, so different types of lighting come into play. There are six lamps in the wide-angle photo below. But not just lamps.

In addition to Ikea lamps and a Wyze gooseneck LED floor lamp, the setup takes advantage of three types of RGB lighting. It sports Govee RGB bulbs, Govee light strips and one we haven’t seen before, a Govee string light with music sync and more.

Blocks? Oh good?

“Why concrete blocks? asked one commenter, with others echoing the question. “Aren’t you afraid to stub your foot on that?”

“I’ve had it for several months and haven’t bumped, nicked or scratched a body part yet,” Rapt replied.

Another person said they used cinder blocks as supports for things like televisions and aquariums. They noted that they used to get the concrete blocks for 25 cents each at Home Depot.

“Now they’re $1.77, but I still thought that was a bargain!” Enthusiastic rapt. (We found them for $2.49. See them and the setup’s gear and decor in the link list below.)

Yes, these are concrete blocks that support the counter.
Photo: [email protected]

Meet the Beatles, everywhere

You can’t help but notice at a glance that the home office is a tribute to The Beatles. Of course, it’s Kurt Cobain on the right screen and a picture of fight club on the left, but the room belongs to the Fab Four.

If you look closely, you’ll spot the Lego John Lennon portrait (and Lego minifigures lined up on the central monitor), a Lego Yellow Submarine building kit, a Lego Sgt. Peppers Austin Mini Van, and Sgt. Peppers and Yellow Submarine posters, among others.

And Rapt is also a musician. You can’t miss the electric guitars on the wall overlooking the amplifiers. But there is also another element to note.

The first MIDI keyboard compatible with iOS, Mac and PC

On the tiered table to the right of the cinder block desk is a Line6 Mobile Keys MIDI controller. The company called it “the first-ever MIDI keyboard compatible with iOS, Mac, and PC.”

It has 25 full-size velocity-sensitive keys and supports GarageBand and other music apps. It is powered by iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, without batteries or adapter.

If we tried to list all the gadgets in this home office, this article on configurations would be a mile long.
If we tried to list all the gadgets in this home office, this article on configurations would be a mile long.
Photo: [email protected]

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