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Long weekends mean scoring kicks on the mega sale. Go for it! (Photo: Amazon)

Still ramping up “I’m going to get in shape this year!” commitment? Great, but… have you been taking a good look at your sneakers lately? You’ll probably want – and need – to get yourself a new pair, something sturdy but pleasing to the eye. Well, here’s the good news: you don’t have to sacrifice style for support. If you make the right choice.

Yahoo Life asked New York podiatrist Polina Zaydenberg to pick the most comfortable shoes she’s been coveting lately – and guess what? They’re all available on Amazon, and they’re all on sale. The doctor is certified by the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry in the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Wounds and Diabetic Footwear.

A change of shoes is a great opportunity to take care of those foot problems that long walks may have revealed. We, with the help of the right doctor, have put together some smart and very affordable choices.

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Scroll for Dr. Zaydenberg’s top picks.

These New Balance sneakers feel like you're walking on clouds after every step.  (Photo: Amazon)

These New Balance sneakers feel like you’re walking on clouds after every step. (Photo: Amazon)

Those sports sneakers are Amazon’s best-selling cross-training shoes, though they’ll serve you equally well inside or outside the gym. Available in 12 colors in regular and wide widths, these sneakers are made for everyday wear. Not to mention, they have over 30,700 five-star reviews, including plenty of nurses, teachers, and restaurant owners.

“The toe box sole is propulsive – meaning the toe is off the ground – which helps you offload pressure from the ball of your foot.”

$55 $65 at Amazon

These look (and feel) sturdy.  (Photo: Amazon)

These look (and feel) sturdy. (Photo: Amazon)

Have you spent much of these long pandemic months wandering around your house barefoot? The big pad on the sole of the foot may have taken a beating.

These kicks – available in 20 colors and regular and wide widths – helps relieve any pain you may feel down there. Explains Dr. Zaydenberg:

“If the fat pad on the bottom of the ball of your foot has worn away, the platform in these sneakers can help provide relief and can help partially replace it.”

Plus, with over 6,300 five-star reviews, you’re sure to be in great company if you pick up a pair or two.

$60 $70 at Amazon

How cute is pink?  (Photo: Amazon)

How cute is this pink ombre heel? (Photo: Amazon)

These sneakers regularly topping Amazon’s bestseller lists, and for good reason: not only do they look stylish (just take a look at that cool pink gradient!), but they’re also so comfortable for your heels. Explains Dr. Zaydenberg:

“The heel lift is excellent – It helps to relieve pressure on the posterior and lower part of the heel. The texture of the material does not contribute to pressure in this part of the foot either.”

Grab them in one of over 23 colors!

$55 $65 at Amazon

No one will believe you paid less than $50 for these.  (Photo: Amazon)

No one will believe you paid $44 for this. (Photo: Amazon)

These sneakers boast of being both breathable and lightweight – a must have for casual walks, running for errands or even hitting the gym. However, that’s not the only reason Dr. Zaydenberg sings their praises:

“It’s good for people with plantar fasciitis,” she explains. “I like to tell my patients to get gel heel pads, but the bubble on the heel is even better because it has a lower density, which provides better shock absorption.”

$44 $50 at Amazon

Spoiler: you'll want to wear them everywhere.  (Photo: Amazon)

Spoiler: you’ll want to wear them everywhere. (Photo: Amazon)

Those light kicks come in a rainbow of colors – 13 to be exact – and the grippy sole makes them perfect if you’re on your feet all day working or playing (or just trying to navigate the ice in your driveway). They even have over 2,200 five-star reviews from satisfied five-star buyers. They’re not for sale right now, but Dr. Zaydenberg is such a big fan that we had to include them.

“The toe box is accommodating,” she says. “The heel lift helps people with insertional Achilles tendonitis, as well as those with metatarsalgia (or pain in the ball of the foot).”

$36 at Amazon

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