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The Pleasanton School Board is set to discuss the district’s facility needs, survey results on a possible new bond measure and additional retirement planning for employee turnover at a busy special meeting. Thursday.

Trustees will begin by deciding whether they wish to enter into a Supplemental Public Agencies Retirement Services (PARS) Retirement Plan with the Association of Pleasanton Teachers.

The conversation will focus on severance incentives, as employee retirements and resignations can help districts and employees realize tax savings, honor employees and facilitate operational efficiencies, according to staff at the Pleasanton Unified School District.

The district realizes savings through normal attrition, which means the financial benefits of retirements, resignations and other events that drive new hires at a lower compensation cost, staff said.

Employees eligible for retirement are at the top of the pay scale and new hires are typically at or near the start of the pay scale, resulting in potential savings for the district. With the separation incentives, the resulting pay differential covers the costs of the plan, staff said.

The administration recommends that the administrators approve or deny participation in the supplemental PARS scheme for employees holding a certificate, holders of a certificate, holders of a certificate and holders of a management diploma .

A financial analysis and recommendation will be provided and uploaded at least 24 hours before the meeting, and staff will need time to complete the financial analysis and determine if cost-saving measures can be taken, officials said. The goal is to promote a professional culture that values ​​collaboration and supports efforts to recruit, develop and retain a diverse and highly skilled workforce.

The special school board meeting is scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m. Thursday (May 19). Read the full agenda here.

In other cases

* Next, administrators will hold a presentation and discussion at a workshop on the Facilities Master Plan update that guides the district on its current and future facilities.

The district entered into an agreement with LPA Architects in late 2021 to work on a comprehensive master plan update. Since then, numerous meetings have been held with the Facilities Master Plan Committee, Facilities Advisory Committee, Site Administrators and other groups.

In addition, numerous surveys were conducted with principals, students, staff, teachers and the public to critically research the needs of PUSD facilities, staff said. Site assessments were carried out to assess all the conditions of the existing facilities at the PUSD.

At the meeting, staff and the LPA will provide the board with a review of the facility master plan process, website update, program cost estimate, next steps to complete the plan, and include the board in a prioritization activity. The Facilities Master Plan update process is expected to incorporate approximately $983 million in project requirements.

The prioritization activity will help align council priorities for facility improvements with input from district and community stakeholders to develop a list of projects for future funding.

Working with the bond consultancy, architect, staff, and board input at the meeting, a list of projects will also be developed to align with the amount of a future bond measure. obligation.

The administration recommends receiving feedback and providing feedback on the various elements of the presentation. Coordinate with bond consultant for project slate alignment, update facilities master plan website with current site plans, review and get feedback from advisory committee, review draft slate prioritization of facilities on June 9 and final acceptance by the board on June 23.

* The board will consider the results of community polls on the possibility of placing a new school bond measure on the November ballot.

In 2016, PUSD voters passed a $270 million general bond bond addressing facility needs, security upgrades and building upgrades to support 21st century learning environments. The bond represents one-third of the $856 million for facility improvements that were identified at that time.

A bond team was assembled, including an architect to develop a facility master plan, a financial consultant, a bond consultant and a bond attorney.

Last March, bond planning meetings were held to develop a strategy to determine the feasibility of a possible November 2022 bond action.

The district is also nearing completion of the facility master plan update that will identify district-wide facility needs. Those needs will be prioritized to fit into the potential November obligation, staff said. Some of these types of projects were included in the survey, such as gymnasiums, sports facilities, theaters and a new school in the Educational Options Center.

A total of 475 voters were surveyed between April 14 and April 20, and data was collected via online and telephone interviews. The results indicated support for a future bond, albeit undesired. Initial support is essentially at the 55% voting threshold, staff said.

Poll data showed voters think it’s crucial Pleasanton continues to have great schools, even if it means raising taxes. The survey data also reveals a lack of understanding of the district’s facility needs, with about 60% indicating there is a great or some need, staff said.

For a successful link, substantial community outreach to the needs of the district would be crucial, they added.

* The board will consider an agreement for Phase 2 bond advisory services with Clifford Moss. This item follows on from a previous item on the board’s agenda concerning the results of the polls. If the Trustees agree to proceed with the continuation of a November 2022 bond action, then this agenda item is brought forward for consideration.

* Next, possible action upon agreement with Westside Landscape and Concrete Inc. for depot landscape at Foothill High School. As part of an ongoing improvement to Foothill, the district has entered into an agreement with Gates and Associates to design and improve the landscape along the landing area.

The district received five bids, but the lowest bidder, Sierra Services, officially withdrew its bid on May 2 due to a clerical error, district staff said. The second lowest bidder was Westside Landscape and Concrete Inc. for $135,455.

* Administrators will discuss the purchase of Apple iMacs for the digital media labs at Amador Valley and Foothill High Schools.

The digital media labs were outfitted with iMacs in 2013 and have not been replaced or upgraded since, staff said. The replacement cost for each lab will be $84,227.31. Apple offers a leasing option to split the total cost into five annual payments. A warranty buy-back option is available during the last year of the lease plan, allowing the district to resell the devices to Apple for purchase credit during a future replacement.

Amador Valley and Foothill will cover the first payment through the site or PTA funds, and the district will cover the remaining payments.

* They will consider action to brighten the initial proposed 2022-2023 collective bargaining agreement with the California School Employees Association.

* The board will consider an employment contract with a new assistant superintendent of teaching and learning, with an annual base salary of $238,312. The draft contract is available, but it does not identify who the final candidate is.

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