Shehbaz submits a candidacy for the post of Prime Minister; Imran says ‘freedom struggle’ begins

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan attends a military parade to mark Pakistan’s National Day, in Islamabad, Pakistan, March 23, 2022. (AP/PTI)

This meant that Imran Khan was no longer the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

From New Delhi’s perspective, here are seven important takeaways.

Pakistani democracy:

Pakistani democracy, which is imperfect, is still a “guided democracy”. After a chaotic week of no-confidence motions and Supreme Court rulings, Pakistan’s parliament – after days of back and forth – managed to prevail and overthrow the incumbent government in Pakistan.

Although this is the first time that a sitting Prime Minister in Pakistan has been eliminated, it is a normal phenomenon in India. This means that democracy in Pakistan is gradually finding its feet.

Citing India’s ‘self-respect’, Imran Khan appeals to Pakistan

Hours before facing a no-confidence vote in parliament, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared to accept the writing on the wall on Friday and urged his supporters to stage peaceful protests across the country when the “new government imports “will take office on Sunday.

In an address to the nation on the eve of a no-confidence motion he is unlikely to defeat, Khan, 69, cited the example of India as a “self-respecting nation” (khuddar qaum) to which no world power can dictate its terms. for.

He expressed his disappointment at the Supreme Court’s overturning of the National Assembly’s vice-president’s rejection of the no-confidence motion against him.

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