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The SIHOO M90D is an ergonomic office chair from Chinese office furniture manufacturer SIHOO which was founded in 2011 but only started selling its products overseas in 2018. Since then the company has taken a lot of momentum and now sells a wide variety of office chairs on its site as well as on Amazon. While the model we tested has a mesh back and padded seat cushion, SIHOO also sells a version of this chair with the same design that has a mesh seat cushion.

Ergonomics is the main focus of this chair and even the box it comes in has a diagram showing you how to sit correctly to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your back. The best feature of the SIHOO M90D is its adaptive lumbar support bar which adjusts on its own to ensure your lower back is supported while in use. Elsewhere, the mesh back keeps you cool as you work, and its arms can be turned in or out. Pulling a lever on the side lets you recline while pushing it down lets you raise or lower the height of the chair. While you could save a few bucks on a budget model instead, for a little more, the SIHOO M90D gives you the experience of sitting in a high-end office chair without breaking the bank.

SIHOO M90D: price and availability

the SIHOO M90D is available for $359 on the company’s website at the time of writing, but it can also be purchased from Amazon for $369 with a $29 coupon that brings the price down to $340. However, Amazon only offers this office chair in black and gray while there is a two-tone red option (red backrest and headrest with a black seat) in addition to black and gray available on the SIHOO site.

If you like the design and features of the SIHOO M90D but prefer an office chair with a mesh seat as well as a mesh back like with the X-Chair X2, The SIHOO M90C might be what you’re looking for instead and it’s even a few bucks cheaper at $356. It should be noted that the SIHOO M90C is only available in black and gray.


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SIHOO M90D: Design and manufacturing quality

The mesh back of the SIHOO M90D immediately catches your eye because SIHOO decided to add a pattern to it. While some may prefer an unpatterned mesh back, this design decision is definitely unique to this chair as we have yet to see anything similar from other office furniture manufacturers.

Back of the chair

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While the back of the SIHOO M90D is made of mesh, the back of the chair is made of hard plastic. The center of the chair frame features a small SIHOO logo in red and there are also gray accents on either side of the back plate.

Right side view

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On the left underside of the chair you will find a lever that can be used to raise and lower the height of the chair by rotating it forward. However, pulling the lever allows you to lean back in the chair while pushing it to lock the chair in place. Meanwhile, the knob in the middle can be tightened or loosened to make it easier or harder to lean back in the chair.

Left side view

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Although the armrests of the SIHOO M90D are black at the top and on the sides, we can see a little silver metal at their base. At the same time, you can see the gray of the back plate that connects the backrest to the chair cushion from the side.

Low angle view

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The base of the SIHOO M90D is made of metal and its silver color offers a nice contrast with its black seat cushion, armrests and backrest. That same silver extends to the five 2.5-inch casters and the gas cylinder that raises or lowers the chair is also silver.


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SIHOO M90D: configuration and assembly

The SIHOO M90D sent to Tech Radar Pro For review, we came across a single large brown box containing a diagram that shows you the correct way to sit in an ergonomic position and thought that was a good idea.


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When unpacked, we were left with five 2.5″ casters, the silver base, a headrest, a pair of armrests, the backrests, a gas bottle, a lever mechanism, a seat cushion, a manual instructions and all the bolts needed to assemble the chair. We also liked how SIHOO included a pair of white gloves to wear when assembling the chair to avoid getting grease from the grease bottle. gas on your hands.

caster assembly

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Assembling the SIHOO M90D starts with inserting the five casters into the metal base, then placing the gas cylinder in the hole in its center.

Assembly of the lever mechanism

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From there, you need to use three bolts on each side to attach both armrests to the seat cushion. You then need to use three more bolts to connect the lever mechanism to the middle of the underside of the seat cushion.

Securing the backrest to the seat cushion

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Once the armrests and the lever mechanism have been attached to the seat cushion, you must then attach the backrest to it using three bolts.

Finished chair without headrest

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Next you need to attach the seat cushion and backrest to the base by aligning the hole in the bottom of the seat cushion with the gas cylinder.

Headrest assembly

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To complete the assembly of the SIHOO M90D, all you have to do is insert the headrest into the slot on the back of the backrest and you’re done.


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SIHOO M90D: Use and comfort

After assembling the SIHOO M90D, we sat down on the chair and adjusted everything to our liking. First, we lowered the chair so that our feet rested on the floor, then we pulled the armrests of the armrest all the way forward. Next, we raised the back of the chair so that the adaptive lumbar support was right in the center of our lower back. We also loosened the knob under the chair to allow us to lean over more easily.

Mesh back

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During our time testing the SIHOO M90D, we found the chair to be quite comfortable and the adaptive lumbar support to allow it to be used for long periods at a time. The firmness of the seat cushion was another plus, but we also liked that it was still a bit soft. The casters did their job efficiently and rolling the chair was easy on our hardwood floors.

Titled armrests

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The armrests at the top of each of the armrests can be raised or lowered and pushed forward or backward according to your preference. However, they can also be angled if you prefer to have wider arms when resting.

Should I buy the SIHOO M90D?

Also consider

the Branch Ergonomic Chair from Branch Furniture is slightly cheaper than the SIHOO M90D and is also available in light blue in addition to black and grey. It has an eye-catching design thanks to its white frame, many adjustment possibilities and goes quite well with the Branch standing desk. However, it does not come with a headrest nor is there an option to add one.

the Vari task chair is another alternative to the SIHOO M90D which is slightly more expensive if you choose the configuration that comes with a headrest. However, Vari offers several different variations of this chair depending on the size of your budget. Also, it goes well with Vari Electric Standing Desk or even new, cheaper Vari Essential Electric Standing Desk.

First revision May 2022

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